Washington: Images of the Evergreen State

Slide 1 of 34: The rolling hills of the Palouse, viewed from Steptoe Butte State Park in Washington State
Slide 2 of 34: The Spokane River flows through Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, Washington.
Slide 3 of 34: A winter night atop Mount Spokane
Slide 4 of 34: Wheat fields stand in Peone Prairie, in Spokane County.

Slide 5 of 34: A female moose grazes at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge near Cheney, Washington.
Slide 6 of 34: Palouse Falls and Palouse River Canyon, near Washtucna
Slide 7 of 34: A horse-drawn wheat wagon moves through a field in the Palouse region near Colfax, Washington, on September 7, 2015. Every year, area farmers participate in the old-fashioned Colfax Threshing Bee using only vintage equipment.
Slide 8 of 34: A dust devil swirls above a field in eastern Washington.
Slide 9 of 34: A trail winds down through sagebrush into a valley, during springtime in the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. A significant part of the Channeled Scablands, these basalt buttes and canyons, were scoured by ancient Ice Age floods.

Slide 10 of 34: Fall colors along the Okanogan River at Shellrock Point in Omak, Washington
Slide 11 of 34: Elk gather to feed at the Oak Creek Wildlife Area Feeding Station in Naches, Washington.
Slide 12 of 34: Fresh snow along the South Fork Snoqualmie River in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
Slide 13 of 34: Sand blows across a road near dunes outside Pasco, Washington.
Slide 14 of 34: The landscape near Fields Point Landing on Lake Chelan, with a view looking north to Red Butte and other peaks of the South Methow Mountains

Slide 15 of 34: A moss-covered wooden fence stands in the woods near Winthrop, Washington.
Slide 16 of 34: A westbound train cruises by Rowland Lake on a large arcing fill just east of Bingen, Washington, in the Columbia River Gorge.
Slide 17 of 34: A single apple remains hanging in an orchard after all the leaves have fallen from the trees in Yakima, Washington.
Slide 18 of 34: A vineyard near Wapato, with a chapel atop one of its hills
Slide 19 of 34: Small alpine plants bloom in the foreground with the massive Mount St. Helens volcano in the background.
Slide 20 of 34: Water flows from the Diablo Dam on the Skagit River in Whatcom County.
Slide 21 of 34: A stream runs between lakes in the Enchantments, in Washington's Alpine Lakes Wilderness.
Slide 22 of 34: A Washington State ferry moves through Elliott Bay, with the Olympic Mountains in the background.
Slide 23 of 34: The Seattle city skyline, viewed from Elliott Bay
Slide 24 of 34: Morning breaks over mountains above the Hoh Rain Forest.
Slide 25 of 34: Waves roll in at high tide near La Push, Washington.
Slide 26 of 34: A trail winds through the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park.
Slide 27 of 34: An Alaska state ferry makes its way past islands in Puget Sound, headed toward southeast Alaska and beyond, leaving from Bellingham, Washington.
Slide 28 of 34: Tulip fields, photographed from the air above the Skagit Valley in western Washington
Slide 29 of 34: A stormy day on San Juan Island, Washington, near Lime Kiln Lighthouse
Slide 30 of 34: Whatcom Falls Park, a 240-acre park in Bellingham, Washington
Slide 31 of 34: Beacon Rock State Park, located in the Columbia River Gorge
Slide 32 of 34: A disused dock on the Columbia River in Cathlamet, Washington
Slide 33 of 34: Sunlight and shadow play on the Columbia River Gorge on a partly cloudy day.
Slide 34 of 34: The sun sets over Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park.
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