Virgin Atlantic sneaks £1 return flights into Cyber Monday deals

Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Mondays deals have allowed customers to book flights for less with amazing discounts and offers.

And while there's loads of deals to be had, the airline has gone one step further in its bid to help customers save money.

Virgin Atlantic has announced the return of its Golden Ticket for Cyber Monday.

The Golden Ticket offers return flights for just £1, but they're hidden in the booking system.

Virgin Atlantic's £1 deal is on Economy Delight fares, which means you'll get perks such as extra leg room, premium check-in and priority boarding.

You can already search for the Golden Ticket on the Virgin Atlantic website.

The airline has also been dropping hints on their Twitter page.

So far they've tweeted three, they are:

1. Create your own Fairytale in The City That Never Sleeps.

2. It's heating up! Uncover a golden ticket and you'll be partying on the beach till the break of dawn.

3. What happens in Sin City, stays in Sin City

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Those who think they have the answer need to get searching, although you'll also need to figure out the right travel dates.

There are 90 Golden Tickets to be found, with the company releasing them in batches throughout Cyber Monday.

To have a chance of winning, you'll need to search for flights the normal way and choose both the correct outbound and inbound dates.

It is worth noting that the £1 fee doesn't include taxes, fees charges and carrier imposed surcharges.

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