View from the cockpit: this is what a Dreamliner landing looks like

British Airways pilot Captain Dave Wallsworth has posted another illuminating video from the cockpit, this time of BA’s inaugural Boeing 787 flight to Johannesburg in South Africa.

Captain Dave, who has more than 58,000 followers across Twitter and Instagram, has become a social media sensation thanks to his behind-the-scenes footage and photos showing what flying is like from a pilot’s perspective.

His latest clip, uploaded to YouTube on 20 November, shows the last 10 minutes of flight BA51 landing at O. R. Tambo airport on 29 October.

The aircraft was captained by Simon Scholey, with senior first officer Mark Grigg at the controls and senior first officer Nigel Holgate in the jumpseat.

The video shows two perspectives – one from the cockpit and the other from outside the plane, giving a clearer view of the Johannesburg landscape.

It’s captioned to describe the step by step process of landing the Dreamliner, from turning towards the runway and lowering the undercarriage, to changing the wind flap setting and taking control of the aircraft for landing.

“A lovely landing by Mark,” writes Captain Dave as the jet hits the runway smoothly. 

The aircraft was Boeing 787-8 G-ZBJH and it landed on the airport’s 03R runway.

“The landing was spot on. Great work,” commented Shiraz Chanawala on YouTube. 

Tens of aviation fans (or AvGeeks as they’re affectionately known) commented on the video on Twitter, asked Captain Dave extra questions about certain elements of landing procedure.

Previous videos from Captain Dave of flights touching down in San Francisco have netted hundreds of thousands of views online.

Another of his videos shows the A380, the world’s biggest passenger plane, taking off from London’s Heathrow airport.

“According to the heart rate monitor on my watch, my pulse during take-off is lower than it is when driving to work on the M25,” said Captain Dave on film. “One of my main reasons for producing these videos is to show how relaxed our working environment is. I hope that our more nervous passengers will see we are totally at ease when flying.” 

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