Vacation ground transportation has never been easier ⁠— or more confusing

Getting to your destination may be the simple part of your summer vacation. Getting around while you’re there? Not so simple.

That’s because there are more ground transportation options than ever. They include buses; bike sharing; car rentals; ride-sharing; scooters; trains; and, of course, taxis. Yep, they still have those, and they work pretty well.

“This year there are more travel options for summer travelers than ever before,” says Art Guzzetti, a vice president for mobility initiatives and policy at the American Public Transportation Association, a trade group. “Fortunately, travel information is more available and easier to find.”

A recent survey by ValuePenguin suggests that the typical vacationing U.S. family spends about 44% of their travel funds getting to, from and around their destinations. That comes to about $2,100 each year on transportation costs. For ground transportation, the biggest expense is gas (an average of $669 a year), which tells us what you already know: Most people avoid making difficult ground transportation choices by driving to their destination.

Fair enough.

To answer the question, “How do you get around on vacation?” you have to do a little math, take into account the places you’re visiting and be open to new ideas. Because times are changing.

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