UK’s sunniest winter holiday hotspot named as Northern Ireland – over 4000 hours of syun

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Though the UK might not promise winter warmth akin to holidays abroad, it does still have plenty of gorgeous locations for a staycation in the colder months. If you’re someone who enjoys long walks and the great outdoors, or simply hopes to throw open the curtains to a cheerful day, new data has named the UK hotspots which offer the most sunshine between November and February.

While the current lockdown regulations in England currently ban any form of staycation, in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, a domestic holiday may still be an option for residents in certain parts though this varies depending on regionalised rules.

However, there are hopes that the lockdown regulations will soon be loosened to allow for some UK exploration before spring arrives.

New data, collected by Citysuites, dove deep into decades worth of archives from the Met Office to flag the best places for sun-seekers.

Calculating the hours of sun each weather station received from November through to February, revealed than Northern Ireland is the best place for those keen to brighten their days up with a golden glow.

According to the data, the country received 4,364 hours of sunshine in the last decade’s worth of winter months.

In England, it was the East Midlands which took the crown for the sunniest winter days.

The region clocked up 2981 hours of sunshine in the same period.

The East Coast of England, in general, saw around 2938 hours of winter sun.

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Hot on the heels of the East was the South West of England, which basked in 2918 hours of glorious winter rays.

The South East of England saw 2877 hours.

Yorkshire saw 2651 hours, Wales 2619 and the West Midlands 2593.

The Met Office data included in the round-up did not include weather stations for North West, North East and London due to incomplete data.

However, up North, it seems the sunny hours are limited and cloudy days may be rifer, with Scotland seeing the least winter sun hours – a reported 2218 hours of sun.

With that said, even the least sunny spots offer plenty of gorgeous staycation destinations which have seen an increase in popularity throughout 2020.

In a survey taken in June, UK holiday specialists Rest Easy Group found that around 77 percent of respondents said they were more likely to book a UK break following the pandemic.

A further 19 percent said that even if they were to go on an international holiday, a staycation would likely be on the cards too.

And though the summer months saw a major boom, it seems winter holidays can also promise a great way to lighten up the gloominess of the winter months

Simon Craddock, owner of Bainland Country Park in Lincolnshire, revealed that the luxury holiday park still sees impressive numbers throughout December and January.

What’s more, it seems a winter staycation has some perks a summer holiday simply can’t provide.

“Most of our winter customers are older with perhaps kids who have flown the nest,” Mr Craddock told

“Sometimes it is nicer to go in a hot tub when it’s colder, in the summer we have to remind customers that having the tubs is not a great idea.”

Parks are also much more likely to be quieter.

There are notably “less kids” and the parks are “less manic” according to the owner.

“It is a more authentic experience as the area is quieter.”

He added: “For the best deals, November and early December are the bargain months. Christmas and New Year have become very popular over the last 10 years.”

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