UK city tops the world ranking and is named live music hotspot – beats NYC and LA

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The best cities in the world went head to head in the newest ranking from to determine the best cities in the world for live music, the study looked at the number of music venues, upcoming concerts, major music festivals and the number of artists from each city.

With 207 music venues, London was the number one city for live music.

It beat New York City, Los Angeles, Paris and Berlin to be named the live music capital of the world.

There were over 5,000 upcoming concerts in the capital when the study was conducted.

Eight major music festivals also take place in London.

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And of course, there are also many artists and bands hailing from the city, 2,507 to be exact.

In second place was New York with 188 music venues and two major festivals.

Third was Los Angeles, with the highest number of music venues at 240.

The US fared extremely well on the list, with six of the 10 cities in the country.

In Europe, London, Paris and Berlin made the top 10.

Toronto in Canada made up the best live music cities list.

The best city for rock fans was also found to be a UK city.

Liverpool, birthplace of the Beatles couldn’t be beat for rock music.

The best cities for live music

1 – London, United Kingdom

2 – New York City, United States

3 – Los Angeles, United States

4 – Chicago, United States

5 – San Francisco, United States

6 – Toronto, Canada

7 – Paris, France

8 – Atlanta, United States

9 – Austin, United States

10 – Berlin, Germany


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