Tycoon builds floating mansion for £45k so he can ‘fish and drink beer’ all day

A man has built his dream home on the water for just £45,000 so that he can "fish and drink beer" all day long.

The Chinese businessman, known only by his nickname Coastline, decided to build the unusual home because he loves being on the water.

According to odditycentral, Coastline was enjoying some drinks with an architect when he divulged his lifelong dream to live on the sea.

One beer led to another, and by the end of the night the two men had decided to make his dream a reality.

The stunning 600 square foot home is known as the "lonely hotel by the sea" and is located just off the coast of Fujian province.

It is held in place by 16 metal anchors, each weighing about a ton, which is filled with tech and designer furniture and even has huge decking space on three sides.

In an interview with Yit, Coastline admitted he uses the house to "disconnect from the stress and turmoil" of his daily life.

However, building his dream home did not come without it's fair share of problems.

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The platform on which the home is built on bobbed up and down so much during construction, workers found the conditions too tricky to work with.

Therefore, the tycoon had to let go of his plans to make the building almost entirely out of glass and was forced to use more steel in order to make it more stable.

The home has been designed to handle harsh weather and strong winds, however the owner admits it will most likely be blown away in a typhoon.

Another obstacle was solving the tricky dilemma of connecting the electricity.

Builders had originally hooked up the home to a nearby hydropower installation, but fishing boats kept dragging up the cables.

Eventually Coastline decided to throw money at the problem and paid the local trawlerman to dodge the underwater power lines.

However, the house cost him just just 400,000 yuan (£45,000) to build and if he ever wants a change of scenery, all he has to do is raise the anchors and get towed to a new location.

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