Two men accuse Alaska Airlines employee of racial profiling after Newark Airport evacuation

The two men who were questioned after an alarm set off at Newark Liberty Airport on Labor Day sparked panic have spoken out, saying they were racially profiled.  

The airport evacuated in a panic Monday night after an Alaska Airlines employee hit an alarm following an encounter with two men, officials said at the time. David Lombardi, a sportswriter for who was at the airport, described a scene of “confusion and chaos” as travelers fled the terminal, fearing an active shooter or bomb threat. 

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Han Han Xue, 29, a product designer for Lyft returning home to San Francisco after visiting friends in New York City over the long weekend, said he was “minding (his) own business” when an Alaska Airlines employee walked into him, then repeatedly asked Chunyi Luo, 20, a student who was standing near Xue but did not know him, if he was nervous. 

Luo told the employee he was nervous because his flight back to college in San Francisco was late.

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