Turkey ‘popular’ with British expats avoiding ‘seediness’ of Spain – best location

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Christopher Nye is senior editor at Property Guides and he spoke to Express.co.uk about the best areas for British expats in Turkey. An estimated 34,000 Britons live in Turkey.

Christopher told Express.co.uk: “With freedom of movement to warm, sunny locations like Spain and Greece no longer quite the breeze it was, many retirees have been looking for new areas.

“Five years after the coup that put some buyers off, Turkey is proving popular among property buyers again.

“The types of property you can buy in Turkey vary from traditional apartments and townhouses built in the same style as you’d find on any Spanish costa, to Ottoman-style seaside mansions called yalis and wooden chalet-style country homes.”

Yalis are traditionally built from wood and many of the glamorous buildings date from the 18th century.

Christopher said: “Although the Turkish lira has weakened considerably, you will normally see properties priced in euros or US dollars so it can be difficult to ascertain if you’re getting a bargain.

“What isn’t in doubt however, is that your UK pension or income goes a lot further than a retirement to most other rivieras.

“The Turkish Riviera, or ‘Turquoise coast’, will always be the most popular location to buy in Turkey.

“Although just a few miles from Greek islands like Kos or Rhodes, and looking very Greek too, in places, Turkey is outside the EU and so has different and usually easier residency rules.”

Many spots on the Turkish Riviera will be cheaper than similar properties in Spain, Greece or Cyprus.

Christopher added: “Turkey, being a Muslim country, avoids the seediness, strip joints and excessive drinking,though you certainly can drink there, of some European destinations.”

Although drinking is allowed in Turkey and many resorts have bars and clubs, it’s not as popular an activity as in Spain or other European destinations.

Christopher told Express.co.uk when it comes to destinations for expats “Bodrum is always a favourite”.

He said: “The ancient city is on the southern end of a peninsula that has varied resorts from the down- to distinctly up-market.

“Yalikavak is one of the best, with apartments from €150,000 (£124,000) and villas from €250,000 (£208,000).

“If you’re looking for affordability, the best options are those that aren’t convenient for wealthy Turkish people from the cities.

“Unfortunately, Cesme is not one of them. A beautiful village with a lovely coastline, being just an hour from Izmir means that property prices here are among the highest along the Turkish Riviera.

“Even so, you can find villas from €300,000 (£249,000), which compares well with other Mediterranean locations.

“For lower budgets, for €50,000 (£41,000) you can buy a two-bedroom apartment in many of the favourite seaside locations, including Altinkum, Fethiye and Alanya.

“The choice is not only of seaside locations either. Attractive village-like communities like Üzümlü, near Fethiye, have become popular with international buyers and residents.”

He added: “Bear in mind that the Aegean and Mediterranean aren’t Turkey’s only coasts. The Black Sea offers opportunities too, and a considerably more traditional experience should you wish to move there. It’s wetter than the western coasts, and hence more lush, but certainly warm in summer.”

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