Tropical Storm Michael Approaching US Gulf Coast, Could Become a Hurricane

The United States National Hurricane Center revealed tropical depression No. 14 has upgraded to Tropical Storm Michael as it approaches the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Experts say it could strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane later this week.

The current maximum winds of Tropical Storm Michael are estimated at 40 mph, and an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is on its way to investigate the storm.

The path for Tropical Storm Michael shows the storm heading for the Florida panhandle and up through the southeast for the next week.

Caribbean storm upgraded to Tropical Storm Michael as forecasters say it may intensify into a hurricane

Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for counties in the Florida Panhandle and Big Bend.

The 2018 hurricane season has greatly impacted travel and it appears once again mother nature will cause issues with travel plans this fall.

Stay tuned to for further updates on how this latest storm will change flights and cruise plans for travelers in the coming days.

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