Traveller’s attempt at faking pregnancy to avoid baggage fee fails miserably

A crafty flyer attempted to avoid paying baggage fees by shoving her laptop up to her shirt and pretending to be pregnant, a video has shown.

Travel writer Rebecca Andrews decided to test the trick in a bid to avoid paying AUS$60 (£31) for her luggage.

While travelling with Australian airline Jetstar, she wasn't allowed more than 7kg in her hand luggage.

Rebecca decided to try to avoid the extra fee on her Melbourne to Sydney flight.

In a video she posted on Instagram, Rebecca was filmed initially with only a leopard print jumpsuit on, advising others to wear stretchy clothing.

She begins to shove electrical items in her jumpsuit by wrapping them in a bundle and placing them over her belly.

Rebecca begins to rub her belly, while the caption "preggo" flashes on screen.

After shoving her laptop in her back the woman places jeans on top in a bid to keep it in place, though she did suggest wearing a flowy dress if preferred.

The woman then placed a baggy top over her outfit so they "hang over her bump".

She advised practising the technique at home, but only doing it when you're through security at the airport.

Rebecca recommended heading to the bathroom after bags have been checked to get re-dressed "preggo".

Despite trying to hide her clothes and laptop on her body, the woman was foiled at the last minute by flight attendants.

Rebecca said: "I walked very erectly (TIP: you have to keep your shoulders back, you’ll find out why in a second) to the gate, and found I was the LAST person to board my flight)."

But she ended up being caught by flight crew at the last minute.

She added that boarding last was her "only mistake" as it meant all the attention was on her.

Rebecca almost got away with the trick, after crew weighed her bag at the boarding gate, which they said was the correct weight.

Her downfall was dropping her plane ticket on the floor.

It comes after a travel expert reveals how to get a hotel room upgrade for free.

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