Travelers Want More Room For Sex

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What is that travelers really want on vacation?

Is it an Insta-worthy destination? Flexibility and budget-friendly accommodations? Or perhaps more privacy to have sex?

If you guessed the last option, you would be correct.

According to a survey from Wyndham Destinations, nearly a third (32 percent) of Americans say that a lack of privacy for ‘sexy time’ makes their leisure travel less enjoyable.

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The sex-related statistic was merely one of the findings from the Wyndham survey. The same study revealed that nearly half (43 percent) of Americans travel as a family and 13 percent with extended family. But all of those people crammed into a hotel room isn’t at all sexy, say survey participants.

But Americans love vacationing. In fact, almost half of Americans believe they’ll spend more than $80,000 on vacations during their lifetime.

Millennials also think timeshares are cool, according to the Wyndham data. More than half (55 percent) have vacationed in a timeshare and a whopping 73 percent liked it.

As for vacationing and social media, more than one in five people said they would actually consider purchasing a vacation home based on its Insta-worthiness.

And in a not-so-shocking reveal, the survey found that Americans like some comfort when they travel and that includes spacious accommodations, consistent service and brand names. To that end, the number one thing that consumers said makes their vacation less enjoyable is a lack of amenities like laundry, a fitness room or pool.

Forty-two percent of survey respondents meanwhile, said they typically give in to their wanderlust when planning a getaway, preferring to vacation in a new destination. More than one in three (34 percent) said they most often take a vacation in a city they can explore compared with 24 percent who opt for outdoor adventures such as skiing.

Solo travel is also still trending among the younger globetrotters, according to Wyndham. While three-quarters of Baby Boomers (72 percent) say they most often travel with a spouse, only 55 percent of Gen-X travelers and 50 percent of Millennials bring along their significant other.

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