Travel pictures: Five most remote islands to inspire your next bucket list holiday

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For those who live to travel, the coronavirus pandemic has been an unwelcome interruption to years of dreamy holiday plans. But fear not, as now is actually the perfect time to get those travel plans back on track and plan the most incredible journey of a lifetime. And if you’re looking for some bucket list inspiration then look no further, has rounded up five of the most remote yet stunning islands from around the world for you to plan your holidays around.

1. Flores Island, Azores, Portugal

The island’s name comes from the fact it is home to thousands of flowers, most notably the goldenrod.

Flores Island is one of nine in the Azores and has a high abundance of water that can be seen in the form of waterfalls, lakes, streams and wells.

This is the perfect destination for keen travel photographers who will spend hours snapping the island’s perfect, natural beauty.

The island is incredibly small which means you can cover the entirety of the island in a day.

2. Mo’orea, French Polynesia

Located in part of French Polynesia’s Society Islands archipelago, this destination is known for its volcanic mountains and sandy beaches.

The island is striking, with stunning scenery and true natural beauty.

Some of the most spectacular sights on the island include the beautiful Ōpūnohu Bay and the settlements around Cook’s Bay.

The island is perfect for anyone that loves being outdoors with plenty of hiking trails on offer in the rainforest.

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3. Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK

This destination may be slightly closer to home but it definitely should not be snubbed just because it’s in the UK.

The Shetland Islands are a subarctic archipelago in the Northern Isles of Scotland which are home to a plethora of wildlife.

The islands are popular with outdoorsy types who love the destination’s cycling and walking trails.

Unlike the previous destinations, the Shetland Islands can be cold and are best visited in the spring or summer months.

4. Molokai, Hawaii

Molkai is a stereotypical beach paradise that is as far away as one can get from the touristy beaches of Benidorm.

The island is one of Hawaii’s lesser known destinations where travellers can expect peace and quiet.

Molokai is just 38 miles long and ten miles across at its widest point so can be explored within a day.

The island is also home to the highest sea cliffs in the world and the longest continuous fringing reef.

5. Aoshima Island, Japan

If you’re looking for something a bit more quirky and less beach then Aoshima is for you.

The island is one of around a dozen “cat islands” around Japan where there are more cats than people.

Aohsima is home to more than a hundred felines who can be seen walking the island, sleeping in abandoned houses or prowling along the seafront.

The cats can often be seen lining walls and eyeing up tourists’ food.

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