Travel hits and misses: Pru Morrall


Last year my colleague, Michelle, and I spent a glorious five days shopping in Melbourne.

Did-I-shop! A couple of times a day we had to deliver bags back to the hotel to enable us to continue. I had several outfits to try on in the Armani store and when I gazed upon my friend, she had the look of a patient husband. I quickly informed the shop assistant that I desperately needed to feed and water my friend. We left him looking somewhat forlorn.


Traveling from New York to Paris on British Airways, two of my cases vanished; one case contained 26 pairs of shoes, and the other my fab new underwear recently purchased in New York. I was heartbroken and had only two pairs of boots, and two sets of underwear to keep me going in Paris.

After many calls, and a modicum of schoolgirl French I realised that my beautiful shoes were gone forever, (possibly to a menopausal sea hag at Newark Airport). An assessor from the insurance company eventually caught up with me in the UK; he had the audacity to ask why I would travel with 26 pairs of shoes. I responded that only someone wearing a grey vinyl brogue with a Velcro fastening would even ask the question.

Pru Morrall, from Good Girls Property Management in Christchurch, appears in Renters on TVNZ 2, from October 4.

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