Travel fans share top hacks to save money on UK hotels – including cheapest day

Most of us would love to spend a night away from home in some of the country's most popular places – whether for a spa break or just a night away with our partner.

However, prices can be extortionate especially if you want to go on a weekend day.

But, it seems there are plenty of tricks to get a cheaper rate on hotel stays.

And, one travel expert tip claims it’s all down to which day you decide to stay.

Recently, hotel critic Fiona Duncan told the Telegraph that she prefers to spend Sunday nights at luxury hotels rather than Saturdays.

She explained: “The saving in cost is the biggest draw; because Sundays are hotels’ quietest days and so they drop their prices and/or throw in extras.

“In fact, according to travel agency Kayak, it’s on average 23% cheaper to check-in on a Sunday than a Saturday.”

And, she takes advantage of the pub group EatDrinkSleep who have properties in Wales and Cornwall.

They have a Sunday Sleepover offer that includes Sunday lunch, dinner, room and breakfast the next day for a similar price to their Monday to Saturday bed and breakfast offer.

So, if you like lazy Sundays it’s perfect for you – but that’s not the only way to save cash on staycations.

Over on Reddit, in the r/Ask group a keen traveller said: “How can I keep the cost down when staying in hotels regularly?

“I was wondering, what 'hacks' or advice to people have for keeping the cost down as much as possible?”

And, plenty of Brits in the comments had advice to share.

One person said: “Look closely at a tube map – you will save a lot of money staying a little further out of the city but the transport system here is so good that it doesn't really matter.”

While another added: “Choose the network of hotels you like and that are in your budget, then get in touch with the corporate department and start booking through them.

“You can do it directly from your work email address – no checks required. The discount is anywhere between 10% to 50%.”

And, a third added: “If you sign up for TopCashback, Travelodge are on there and you will get a bit of money back from booking through that site. Not a lot but every little helps.”

Another frequent traveler added: “Book in advance, contact the hotel directly, and ask about discounts for booking direct.

“If it is a large chain, ask about membership plans and how that can qualify you for a discount.”

Many said to look up hotels on websites like Trivago and and then give the hotel a call directly – they may offer you a cheaper rate.

And, still more recommended that people try staying in hostels – as many offer private rooms cheaply.

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