Tourists in Italy could be fined for rule breaking – like taking dip in fountain

Thousands of Brits are heading to sunny Italy this year to soak up the sun, sea and many historical sights available around the “boot” of Europe.

But, holidaymakers should be aware of the rules in place where they are staying as breaking them could land you with a heavy fine.

Some of us have already learned about the bikini ban in Sorrento, on the Amalfi coast, which sees people being fined anywhere from £21 to £421 for wearing their swimwear outside of beach or pool areas.

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The mayor of Sorrento also banned people from walking around the town bare-chested in an attempt to stop “indecent behaviour”.

However, there are other lesser known rules in Italy that mean you might be sent home with a bill to pay!

In Rome, the police have always shuffled tourists away from sitting or lounging on the stunning Spanish Steps.

But, now if you’re caught out you could be hit with a £336 fine as well as the embarrassment of being moved on.

Similar rules are applied to anyone standing in the Trevi Fountain – an activity that’s strictly against the law.

Rome’s city police have already handed out fines of around £378 to anyone caught within the fountain’s waters.

And, people caught visiting Venice without pre-booking or paying an entry fee are breaking the rules too.

You’ll need to show a QR code to enter through the main access points having paid between £2.50 to £8.50 for the pass.

The new rule came into force in June this year.

And, taking photos inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City is also not allowed.

Research the rules in the city or area you’re travelling to – and obey them – and you should avoid any unexpected costs while on holiday.

Italy isn't the only country to have created new rules that avoid anti-social behaviour.

Spain has introduced a slew of new, fine-able offences including bikini bans and beach fines.


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