Tourists in Australia Unwittingly Play Around With Extremely Poisonous Octopus

Two British tourists were amazingly unharmed after playing with a deadly blue-ringed octopus in Australia.

The two men, along with an unnamed friend, filmed themselves with the animal, reported. One man put the small octopus on his friend’s arm to take a picture.

According to Ocean Conservancy, this species of octopus has a potent amount of a venom, called tetrodotoxin. Its sting is “10,000 times more powerful than cyanide,” with the power to kill 26 humans in only a few minutes.

The two tourists, Johnpaul Lennon and Ross Saunders, had no idea what kind of octopus they were dealing with, according to 7 News.

Have you ever heard of the blue ringed octopus???‍♂️

Me, Johnpaul Lennon and a German friend we’re fishing in…

“We got home thinking not much really happened until we showed the octopus video to some of our friends, and that’s when we found out what it was and a lot of googling was done,” Saunders wrote on Facebook.

After realizing just how close they came to meeting their demise, Saunders said they both learned a valuable lesson.

“Thankfully, no one was hurt and we can laugh about how close to death and stupid we were,” Saunders wrote on Facebook. “Lesson learnt, don’t f**k with the wildlife in Australia.”

Apparently, blue ring octopus bites are painless, so by the time the victim is experiencing symptoms, it could be too late for treatment. According to Ocean Conservancy, bites can prove fatal in a matter of minutes. However, the octopus is not an aggressive creature and will only bite unless it’s handled or stepped on.

These tourists were very lucky, considering they did the one thing you should never do to this type of sea creature. When it comes to wildlife, we should all keep our hands to ourselves.

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