Tourist blames ‘adults behaving like toddlers’ for queue horror at airport

Leeds Bradford Airport: Passengers queue outside terminal

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Ian Gordon waited nearly one hour to get through security at Leeds Bradford Airport for his flight for Malaga, Spain, on Sunday morning. He said the delays were exasperated by adults failing to prepare for the checks, and not getting electricals out their bags in advance.

The businessman, from North Yorkshire, stressed staff weren’t to blame at the Jet2 hub and they “can’t help if grown adults are behaving like toddlers.”

Speaking to Leeds Live, Ian said: “There were crazy queues. Having got through security, first observations are it could be much quicker if passengers prepared before getting to the tray. It’s not hard.

“Take out electrical, put watch in coat pocket , take off boots, coats, and belts. Some take forever.

“They (staff) can’t help if grown adults are behaving like toddlers.”

Ian noticed staffing levels were fairly healthy yesterday at Leeds Bradford Airport, including at the check-in desks.

But the passenger continued: “It’s like people have forgotten how to go to the airport. The thing is that you’ve got thousands of people trying to get through the airport at the same time, especially with those early morning flights.

“People have got toilet roll syndrome, like in lockdown. They are all rushing to the airport earlier than they need to, and then they are not getting organised in the queue.

“People hadn’t gotten out their electrical items before they get to security, and then now because everything is on our phones people haven’t got their boarding passes ready, or it is in their photos and they can’t find it. People have forgotten how to fly.”

Speaking yesterday, a spokesperson for Leeds Bradford Airport has advised passengers to arrive at the airport three hours before their trip. They said: “We are currently anticipating longer queue times for our security process. We would recommend arriving no earlier than three hours before departure to allow suitable time for security screening.”

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