Tourist banned from entering Bali temple ‘because she’s on her period’

A furious tourist in Indonesia has revealed how she was prevented from entering a temple because she was on her period.

The footage was first shared on TikTok by Natalia Muchova as she visited an unnamed temple on the tourist island of Bali.

In the clip, Natalia, who dresses in a striped midi dress, says to the camera: "So I wanted to go and see a temple. But guess what?"

The camera shows the message on the notice board and it addresses visitors to dress properly and warns women on menstruation not to enter the temple.

Natalia continues: "I'm on my period and entrance to menstruating women is strictly forbidden because you know, what's going on down here is completely unholy and very dirty."

More than 2.6million people have seen her video after it was later shared to Twitter, with viewers surprisingly split over the rule.

One wrote: "She is right and this is discrimination against women, demonising their natural bodies and bodily processes."

"She said nothing wrong…Indian feminists, for example, have been fighting for years to end menstruation-based discrimination in temple entry," a third commented.

Balinese residents, though, slammed the tourist for criticising their traditional customs and practices.

"Honestly, if you can’t respect other people’s culture, don’t even think of travelling," one wrote.

Another Balinese resident, Carrisa Tehputri, commented: "Why? Because according to our belief the sacredness of the temple will be compromised.

"Balinese people are superstitious and we have the right to be. We have the right to embrace our culture and beliefs, especially in our own home."

But Natalia later posted another video defending her stance, saying that the so-called "discrimination is not okay no matter the culture or religion or tradition".

She further added: "With all respect, seriously, you can’t keep discriminating [against] women and make them feel embarrassed and exclude them, and make them feel ashamed for something so natural as periods."

Bali is known as a place for worships of Hindus and in Hinduism, the menstrual taboo is to prevent women from getting ketempelan.

Ketempelan is a superstitious belief that passes from generations to generations, including mystical events that can befall menstruating women in temples, such as possession.

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