Tourism Tasmania drops thermal underwear loan plan

Tourism Tasmania has scrapped an unconventional plan that let tourists borrow thermal underwear for their holiday and return them so they could be lent out again.

Instead, the tourism campaign has been reworked as a limited giveaway of the garments to interstate tourists holidaying in Tasmania this winter.

Under the original plan, the long johns dubbed “Loan Johns: the underwear you share” were to be handed out to arrivals at Hobart and Launceston airports, who could wear them during their stay and drop them back at the airport before they flew home.

The thermals, made by Tasmanian company Smitten Merino, would then be dry cleaned and redistributed.

Tourism Australia has reworked its Loan John winter tourism initiative. Picture: Tourism TasmaniaSource:Supplied

Instead of letting tourists borrow and return the thermals, a limited number will be given away for tourists to keep. Picture: Tourism TasmaniaSource:Supplied

That plan has now changed “in response to the latest Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria,” a statement to said.

But tourists may still be able to snag a pair of fresh Loan Johns to keep – a limited number will be given away to arrivals at Hobart Airport on Friday, July 2, following a giveaway at Launceston Airport last weekend.

Passengers on a Virgin Australia flight from Sydney were also given new Loan Johns for the campaign launch on Friday.

Smitten Merino struck a deal with Tourism Tasmania to produce 1000 pairs of the sustainably made, merino wool long johns that are valued at $100 each, according to the ABC.

The Loan John campaign is designed to promote the winter festivities in Tasmania during the tourism off season.

Hobart’s annual Dark Mofo festival is a major tourist drawcard in winter. Picture: Jarrad SengSource:Supplied

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“Tasmanians are a generous and creative bunch with a strong sense of community. We understand how to do winter properly and want to ensure our visitors are comfy and warm during their off season adventures,” Tourism Tasmania chief executive John Fitzgerald said.

“Our tourism industry has also got on board this campaign with hundreds of creative off season experiences that visitors can only enjoy during winter in Tassie.”

Tasmania is a popular destination for winter holiday-makers, particularly for Hobart’s annual Dark Mofo festival, which kicks off on June 16.

Other events being held in Tasmania during winter include the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival on July 16 to 17 and Tasmanian Whisky Week August 9 to 15.

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