Three Ways For Business Travelers to Travel Like a Boss in 2019

A recent study conducted by Hilton aimed at understanding the mindset of young professionals found that most view business travel as a work perk.

In fact, 65 percent of those surveyed consider such travel to be a status symbol. And 39 percent go so far as to say they wouldn’t take a job that didn’t include traveling for business.

Based on these and other survey findings, Hilton recently released its tips and tricks for traveling like a boss in 2019, making life easier and less stressful on the road.

Pack for Every Situation

Hilton found that more than one-third (about 36 percent) of business travelers are stressed about making sure they pack the right clothes for any situation.

Hilton’s Vera Manoukian, senior vice president, and global brand head recommends keeping an open dialogue with your trip planner and having a clear understanding of where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing on the strip.

“For the unexpected outing, I always pack one to two extra accessories that I can mix and match to fit any occasion,” said Manoukian. “For those who forget amenities when traveling, most of our properties offer toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and deodorant. If traveling abroad, many of our newer hotels feature USB outlets that don’t require converters, and those that don’t often have spare converters that they can offer. Just ask.”

Staying Healthy

Another bit of data that should come as no surprise to business travelers everywhere, Hilton found that 65 percent of traveling professionals regularly pack workout gear but end up not using it.

To avoid this business travel fail, Manoukian recommends booking a hotel that offers an in-room fitness center.

Five Feet to Fitness, for instance, is Hilton’s in-room wellness concept that brings 11 different fitness equipment and accessory options into the hotel room. Meaning business travelers who can’t seem to find time to visit the fitness center will no longer have an excuse not to exercise.

Bleisure Stress

Bleisure trips have been a growing trend for quite some time now. But as it turns out, many feel guilty about extending work trips for pleasure.

Hilton data reveals that 69 percent of new business travelers wish they could extend for leisure, but 46 percent admit they feel guilty doing so and 44 percent even worry it makes them look bad in the eyes of senior leadership.

To address this concern, last year, Hilton Hotels & Resorts enlisted the help of travel expert Payal Kadakia, founder and chairman, ClassPass.

She encouraged young professionals to “speak up.”

“If you want to travel a day prior to meetings, you need to ask. You don’t know until you’ve asked and if your company says no, they say no. Make the ask about your work and emphasize how arriving early will help you to do well in your job,” said Kadakia

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