This Passport Is Now the World’s Most Powerful

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a close up of a piece of paper: The United Arab Emirates is now home to the world's most powerful passport.

The United Arab Emirates is now home to the world’s most powerful passport, according to the Passport Index.

The real-time index ranks the strength of passports from the United Nations’ 193 member countries and six additional territories based on the number of countries a holder can visit either visa-free or by obtaining a visa on arrival.

According to the Passport Index, the UAE passport currently grants holders entry into a total of 167 countries, with 113 countries allowing visa-free entry and 54 countries allowing visas upon arrival.

The UAE overtook Singapore and Germany for the position, both of which allow passport holders access to 166 countries without a prior visa. Passports from Singapore allow entry to 127 countries visa-free and entry to 39 countries with a visa upon arrival, while German passports allow entry into 126 countries visa-free and entry into 40 countries with a visa upon arrival.

It’s important to note that these rankings are fluid and change regularly based on diplomatic relations. There are also rival rankings that offer varying results.

For example, the noted Henley Passport Indexranks Japan as the world’s most powerful passport. The index ranks 199 different passports based on their access to 227 destinations, utilizing data from the International Air Transport Authority and publicly available sources. According to the Henley Passport Index, the UAE falls in 21st place with access to 161 countries either visa-free or with visas upon arrival, while Japan remains in top place with access to 190 countries either visa-free or with a visa obtained upon arrival.

Data from the Passport Index is based on research conducted from publicly available sources and official information from government agencies.

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