This Map Shows You Where to Find the Most Famous Mythical Creatures Around the World

Illustrated map of mythical creatures around the world

Where do you actually find the world’s fantastic beasts? Using this map, of course.

From dragons, to jinn, to the famous Sasquatch, every country and culture has a mythical creature that they’re particularly known for. That’s why SavingSpot, a budgeting and personal finances company managed by CashNetUSA, used Google search data to identify the most popular legendary creatures and monsters around the world just in time for Halloween.

A new map, illustrated by artist  Laimute Varkalaite, pays homage to these popular mythical beasts by showing each creature in the country where they are most popular based on search results from Google, using the search terms [Country] + [Mythical Creature]. 

The results showed that many countries share the same type of mythical creature. For example, both England and China have ‘dragon’ as the most popular creature, so the company set out to distinguish these creatures from each other using a few more details passed down by myths and legends. In this case, the English dragon has wings and a more lizard-like appearance, whereas a Chinese dragon does not have wings and has a more snake-like appearance.

Illustrated map of mythical creatures in North America

Each continent also had their own popular beast, based on an average of searches. The most famous in North America is Cuba’s Madre de Aguas, a horned, bullet-proof snake as fat as a palm tree (though the most popular in the U.S. alone was the Sasquatch, a hairy, forest-dwelling humanoid).

Illustrated map of mythical creatures in South America

In South America, the most famous cryptid (another term for a mythical creature) is La Tunda, a blood-sucking hag with the power to shapeshift into the object of your desire to lure you into her clutches. English Dragons are the most-searched cryptids for any European country, while the Turkish dragon is the most-searched in the Middle East & Central Asia region, and the Chinese dragon is the most-searched in the rest of Asia and Oceania. In Africa, the most famous cryptid is the Namibian Flying Snake.

Illustrated map of mythical creatures in Africa

Each region of the world has specific information about its most famous cryptids, in addition to detailed, stunning artwork. For more information or to view the maps, visit the SavingSpot website.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City and is still waiting to be visited by a unicorn. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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