This Company Will Pay You $2,200 a Month to Go Yachting and Skiing All Over the World

If getting paid to travel the world is on your 2020 to-do list, we have good news for you: One company is looking for people to travel across the globe for two of the coolest events of the year.

Ski Week Job

The team behind both Ski Week and Yacht Week are looking for two creative people to travel the world for an entire year to attend the exclusive events and capture content along the way. In return, the recruits will be paid £1,800 ($2,200) a month, as well as have their flights and accommodations covered. Stops for both events include Canada, Aspen, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, and the British Virgin Islands.

For those unfamiliar, Yacht Week consists of a series of floating festivals with six unique routes in four stunning destinations. Meanwhile, Ski Week combines skiing and aprés ski events in the world’s best ski towns.

The two hired creatives will be tasked with capturing photos and video footage for Ski and Yacht Week’s social media channels. Not quite sure about your video and photo skills? Don’t worry, the two people hired for the job will receive professional training too. Those hired will even have access to expert mentors throughout the year that will help develop your skills to become an expert travel content creator.

"You don't have to be a seasoned pro to apply, as long as you have a creative eye and the desire to learn. Big personalities and passionate storytellers are what we're looking for in our Official Content Creators,” Will Weeks, director of marketing & technology at The Yacht Week & The Ski Week said.

If you’re ready to apply, head over to Yacht Week’s website and fill out the application by Nov. 1. All that’s required is that you’re over the age of 21, have a valid passport, and have a thirst for adventure.

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