These Are the Best and Worst Airports in the United States

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Travel tip site The Points Guy unveiled its picking for the Best Airports in America today. Topping the list this year was Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport, which has remained #1 on the site’s list since 2016.

All in all the site ranked 30 of the most-used airports in the United States, ranking them from best to worst taking into account things like the airport’s on-time statistics as well as things like the number of restaurants available to the number of passengers and how much it take an Uber to get there from a central location nearby.

The top scorers have above-average percentages of on-time departures and arrivals as well as lower rates of canceled flights. They also had some of the shortest walks from security checkpoints to the gate.

Below are the top 15 airports in the country according to the site:

1. Phoenix (remained #1 since 2016)

2. Salt Lake City (up two)

3. Portland

4. San Diego

5. Tampa

6. Charlotte (up two)

7. Philadelphia

8. Washington Dulles

9. Houston Bush

10. Washington Reagan

11. Las Vegas (dropped two)

12. Miami

13. Honolulu (dropped 8 places)

14. Minneapolis

15. Chicago Midway

And here are the bottom 15:

16. Boston

17. Denver

18. Baltimore

19. Atlanta

20. Detroit

21. Seattle-Tacoma (dropped 15)

22. San Francisco

23. Dallas Ft. Worth

24. Orlando

25. Chicago O’Hare (up two)

26. Ft. Lauderdale

27. Los Angeles

28. Newark

29. New York LaGuardia

30. New York Kennedy

Travel site Orbitz recently created its own list of the best and worst airports in the United States, paying special attention to airports that might be good (or bad) to get stuck in this holiday season.

There are a few overlaps from the winner’s list with this one, as well as a few airports that made its top list that wound up at the bottom.

Still, both lists are worth taking a look at if you’re debating between layovers at two different airports. Choosing one could mean you reach your destination in time—while the other might result in long delays with no food in site.

You can check out the full report here.

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