These are some of the best places for grilled cheese in all 50 states (and DC)

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Slide 1 of 52: Few sammies offer up the comfort of a good-n-gooey grilled cheese, even the simplest of which can feel like a time-transcending hug from your childhood memory stores. Cafes, food trucks and even upscale restaurants around the nation are capitalizing on our nostalgia for this beloved sandwich. Read on for 50 great options from coast to coast. Since we could only feature one per state, be sure to leave your recommendation in the comments!
Slide 2 of 52: This Birmingham food truck has racked up the wins when it comes to meals on wheels. Fan favorites from their rotating menu include the steak melt, the chicken Caesar melt and the strawberry shortcake melt. We even spied this colorful creation: a birthday cake melt.
Slide 3 of 52: Few states' winters call for comfort food quite like Alaska's, and at the Spenard Roadhouse in Anchorage they serve it in spades. Here the standard grilled cheese is a combo of cheddar and Havarti, but you can spice it up with extras like avocado or go literal with jalapeno.
Slide 4 of 52: Tucson's 47 Scott serves up a stack of cheesy goodness in the form of a three-cheese blend on sourdough alongside a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. Add-ons like bacon or mushrooms are available, but it's great in classic form, shown here with a bowl of tomato bisque.
Slide 5 of 52: The good people of Arkansas can rest both easily and cheesily at Hammontree's where GC is the specialty of the house. There are 36 cheeses from which to choose, but they also sling tasty, locally-made sausage, as well. This specialty melt includes blackened chicken, slaw and remoulade on sourdough.
Slide 6 of 52: With a name like Bacon & Butter, it's safe to assume this Sacramento cafe would have an amazing grilled cheese. In fact, their famous breakfast option, the grilled cheese Benedict (three cheeses on challah with bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise) is so popular, they'll serve it right through to afternoon.
Slide 7 of 52: Grilled cheese is one tasty handheld, which makes it an ideal menu item for a mobile food biz. The folks at Vore in Colorado Springs bring their gourmet versions to the masses on the daily, with options like the Cubanocta. It features shredded pork, smoked ham, pickle, mustard and provolone cheese.
Slide 8 of 52: They're based in the Middleton area, but these mobile purveyors of the melt are tantalizing New Englanders with their sandwich's cheesy tendrils far and wide. They've got all kinds of goodies, but carb-lovers might hone in on the Channing Tater, which combines tater tots with their standard five-cheese mixture.
Slide 9 of 52: This Wilmington restaurant isn't just well-known for its charming vibe and colorful calendar of live music - it's got great food. And grilled cheese aficionados will be happy to note that this classic is given more than its due; they rotate their GC combination on a very regular basis!
Slide 10 of 52: What's in a name? When you serve sandwiches that combine things like brie, truffled butter and potato chips, absolutely everything. You'll find OGC at Washington's Union Market, doling out the aforementioned and other creative combos (or you can choose your own adventure) to the delight of cheese fanatics.
Slide 11 of 52: At Orlando's East End Market, this Mistress of Manchego (and all other varieties) not only sources phenomenal cheeses from around the globe, she serves them up every Friday for Grilled Cheese Happy Hour, pairing three sumptuous sammies with a flight craft beer to suit.
Slide 12 of 52: The sammie kings and queens of Rome's Jamwich take their ingredients heart-attack seriously (though it's unlikely your cardiologist would recommend eating here too often). This is El Fuego, which houses buffalo chicken and avocado along with mayo, crispy bacon, sharp cheddar and strawberry jam, all on jalapeno cornmeal bread.
Slide 13 of 52: Billing themselves, rightfully so, as "Aloha in a bun," Porky's blossomed from humble cart beginnings to a popular mobile operation on the strength of its kalua pork-smothered hot dogs. Not dissimilar, Porky's grilled cheese consists of havarti and muenster with a double layer of said slow-roasted pig with grilled onions. 'Ono!
Slide 14 of 52: Anyone who doubts the power of cheese need only check the social media feeds of restaurants that specialize in the grilled cheese craft. Coeur d'Alene's Meltz is just such a venue. This carb-laden, comfort food-inspired artery-clogger includes white cheddar, Colby, meatloaf, roasted garlic, smashed red potatoes and a ketchup-chili glaze.
Slide 15 of 52: This family shop in Grayslake was born in a basement, but these days, GRIL (which stands for Gratitude, Integrity, Respect, and Local) churns out all kinds of gooey goodies while being mindful of giving back. Example? Their 127 (white & yellow cheddar, honey ham and sun-dried tomato on rye) is named after the local school district, which gets a portion of the proceeds.
Slide 16 of 52: American comfort food is the root inspiration at this popular Indianapolis restaurant. That means you'll see things like mac n' cheese and brisket and, of course, good ol' grilled cheese, which can, in fact, feature brisket as an ingredient. Come hungry!
Slide 17 of 52: Gorgonzola and pear might be a sophisticated sandwich pairing for some, but fans of the Cheese Shop of Des Moines know it's just one of many refined combinations they'll find on the menu. Sure you can just pop in to pick up some American artisan cheese or wine, but why not stay for lunch?
Slide 18 of 52: Soup and a sandwich? Just say yes at Topeka's Wheel Barrel, where the names on the blackboard are almost as good as what's melted between the bread. Not pictured here, an offering called the "Cheese Louise," which had a charming doodle of the beloved Bob's Burgers character drawn alongside. The clever dishes here, too, are reminiscent of Bob's own specials board!
Slide 19 of 52: Broomwagon is a bike shop; sales, repairs, accessories, you name it. But it's also a coffee shop and cafe serving up simple, delicious and reasonably-priced fare. That includes the Broomwagon Grilled Cheese (mozzarella, feta, basil and lemon zest grilled on sourdough), which will run you $6. The Mediterranean special pictured here featured mozz and baba ganoush.
Slide 20 of 52: Soup pairs beautifully with a grilled cheese, but on those impossible occasions when you either can't choose or don't have room, there's New Orleans' Meauxbar and its decadent French onion grilled cheese. It features braised beef and silky, flavorful onions with beautifully melty Gruyere.
Slide 21 of 52: When in Maine: lobster. And when at Luke's Lobster in Tenants Harbor, should the grilled cheese fancy strike you, there's the lobster grilled cheese. Tender hunks of the delicious Herculean water bug co-mingle with gooey melted Gruyere on toasted, buttery bread. Pass the bib, because we're drooling!
Slide 22 of 52: You can get any number of melty sammies at this Catonsville favorite, but nothing's more Maryland than Grilled Cheese & Company's Crabby Melt. And it's the house signature. In it you'll find their creamy house Crabby Dip with soft, sweet hunks of claw meat paired with tangy Monterey Jack. And they don't leave out the Old Bay, either!
Slide 23 of 52: Roxy's founders have some anti-establishment street cred. They got away with using a food cart license for their first truck before Boston allowed them - and it ended up making them trendsetters! Their amazing sandwiches, like the Red Sox-inspired Green Muenster, have seen them grow beyond trucks and into brick and mortar.
Slide 24 of 52: They've got standard offerings at this Ann Arbor shop, which include decadent mac bowls and specialty hot dogs, but they're best known for their creative grilled cheese sandwiches. This special offering's called "How 'Bout That Ham," and featured Swiss, Monterey Jack, ham, caramelized onions and pickles on artisan white bread.
Slide 25 of 52: Upscale pub grub and skee-ball are on tap along with the beer at Pat's Tap, a Minneapolis favorite. The grilled cheese here is a creative amalgam of Swiss, cheddar, onion marmalade and cranberry on wild rice bread. Pair it with chips, a beer and good company and it'll keep you warm on those cold Minnesota evenings.
Slide 26 of 52: To those who've reported consistently about the Magnolia State's place on the list of states most needing a diet: leave Mississippi alone! If we lived anywhere NEAR the Oxford Canteen's beef brisket grilled cheese (tender brisket and white cheddar with sriracha mayo on grilled sourdough), we'd weigh three bills at least.
Slide 27 of 52: Silky, creamy tomato bisque is an ideal accompaniment to this St. Louis eatery's delicious version of a comfort food classic: smoked Gouda, fontina and spiced tomato jam on whole wheat. Pair it with wine (they've got 100+ bottles and more than 20 by the glass) and let the flavors meld...
Slide 28 of 52: Folks outside Big Sky Country might be surprised to note the state has artisan culinary cred that extends beyond steak. At Bozeman's Feed Cafe, the Grilled 3 Cheese (sharp white cheddar, Gruyere and Gouda on sourdough) has add-on options of bacon or avocado salsa, but it's perfection as-is with a side of dressed greens.
Slide 29 of 52: Let no state fair operation claim that they invented the deep-fried grilled cheese. That honor belongs to the Cornhusker State, where in the 1950s in a now-defunct place called King's Food Host, the Cheese Frenchee was born. You can get them at a few locations around the state; Don & Millie's, with locations in Omaha, Bellevue and Lincoln, is one.
Slide 30 of 52: You may not always get lucky at the casinos, but at Las Vegas sandwich shop, The Goodwich, your belly wins the jackpot every time. Grilled cheese aficionados will enjoy their gooey-licious Cheese Bomb, comprised of provolone, pepper jack, cheddar, aioli and arbol.
Slide 31 of 52: The Friendly Toast has several New England locations, including Portsmouth, with a massive menu of massively-portioned diner favorites that stick to the ribs, particularly as we head into the cooler seasons. Grilled cheese options abound; choose from cheddar, American, provolone, Swiss, jalapeno-jack, Parmesan, feta, bleu or goat. Blend more than one if you like.
Slide 32 of 52: The Cheese Cave in Red Bank has a Facebook photo roster that's pure cheese porn. Roquefort studded with blue-gem flavor, tangy and pleasantly grainy Croatian Pag, nutty and bold artisan Manchego - they comb the planet for the best cheeses. And you can count on the same for their sandwiches. This one's comprised of creamy goat cheddar, mozzarella, orange blossom honey and apricot preserves on multigrain bread.
Slide 33 of 52: Grilled cheese and tomato soup is an American classic, so don't make a right turn at Albuquerque. Stick around at least long enough to hit up the Standard Diner for their crispy, cheesy, creamy, satisfying version when the New Mexico weather starts to turn a tad chilly.
Slide 34 of 52: Murray's has been selling cheese for decades. but a few years back decided to expand into a venue that took its handcrafted wares (and other fine ingredients) to create dishes. They even host guests and cheese makers for educational tasting events. Here, you can get killer mac n' cheese, buffalo cheese curds, quesadillas and raclette; predictably, they make a mean grilled cheese!
Slide 35 of 52: The hashtag of this Durham food truck and sandwich shop is #meltgods, which reflects a pervasive attitude that cheese loving is something of a religion. From meat-cheese combos like the Cubano, Buffalo Blitz and Patty Melt, to more cheese-forward selections, they are a popular stop for quality GCs in the Triangle.
Slide 36 of 52: As warmhearted as Fargo residents can be, Fargo itself can get pretty damn cold. Luckily, cozy joints like Rosey's Bistro and Bar help stoke the furnace with toasty melts, superior soups and super-food salads - and even live music by which to ingest it all.
Slide 37 of 52: This Columbus food truck, a purveyor of fine grilled cheese, determined after excessive rounds of testing that sourdough is the ideal edible vessel via which its creations find their way to your food hole. So that's what you're having. The Hot Mama, pictured here, features pepperoni, double pepper jack and hot peppers.
Slide 38 of 52: At The Mule, you'll find "sandies" like the pasta-laden Macaroni Pony, the smoky, short rib-stuffed Angry Texan and the multi-cheese monstrosity known as the Big Ass Grilled Cheese. You know this Oklahoma City venue is going to not only satisfy your cheesy cravings, it's going to ensure when you get another, you'll wish you could come back.
Slide 39 of 52: Portland keeps it weird and BUNK keeps Portland's sandwich enthusiasts sated. Its small downtown shop's grilled cheese offering, a Tillamook cheddar (creamy tomato basil soup is an optional side) is melty, creamy and, while not weird, perhaps the bit of "normal" that helps the city's quirkier residents find balance.
Slide 40 of 52: The shop's not fancy, but fans say Grilled Cheese Plus' potent combo of creative offerings and friendly service make it a huge hit. You can get plain old American (nothing wrong with that) or go nuts choosing from offerings like horseradish cheddar, smoked Gouda or ricotta spread. Their expansive and thoughtful menu provides many delicious escape hatches for those overwhelmed by the options.
Slide 41 of 52: The good people of Newport love them some Scratch Kitchen. And why wouldn't they when they have gourmet grilled cheese options, such as duck confit with peach and habanero marmalade and melted Gruyere? Or a Thanksgiving-inspired melt with turkey and all the trimming, plus gooey triple creme brie? Man. We're hungry.
Slide 42 of 52: Down in Garden City Beach, the people of the Palmetto State have a cozy little nook in which they can satisfy their craving for local seafood or grilled cheese. Or, in the case of offerings like this panko-encrusted fried lobster tail grilled cheese with Old Bay fries, they can live out fantasy hybrids thereof.
Slide 43 of 52: A bake shop and live bands are two exemplary add-ons at this Brookings venue, where in addition to burgers and beer and all kinds of comforting offerings, creative melts - like this Mediterranean variety - abound. Those looking for something a little more South Dakota-meaty won't be disappointed. Try a BBQ pulled pork melt instead.
Slide 44 of 52: Say, "cheese," Memphis, because this Germantown-based food truck is rolling from office parks to church socials to schools to food-truck events serving up creative delights.Take, for example, the fan-named Memphis Redbird - a crisp chicken patty with mozzarella, marinara and aioli.
Slide 45 of 52: Ham and cheddar, roast beef and provolone, grilled chicken pesto, and more are among the decadent sammies they serve out of Austin's Emojis Grilled Cheese food truck. It's the type of place where a smiley-drooly emoji combo would probably be the best way to let folks know how you feel about the food without, you know, talking or anything. Because it's rude to do that with your mouth full.
Slide 46 of 52: Utah was at one time home to a massive inland sea teeming with marine life, but not anymore, so the good people at Slapfish in Lehi bring in scads of it from all over to satisfy the cravings of its patrons. Sometimes, said seafood comes in the form of the Clobster grilled cheese (with crab, lobster and Jersey sauce).
Slide 47 of 52: This Waterbury brewery boasts a menu laden with cheesy offerings from custom mac to a grilled pimento cheese sammy; it's where creative experimentation happens. This pig pic showcases something called the Grillin' Villain, with house-smoked chicken, tomato and jalapeno. That'd look good next to one of their house brews.
Slide 48 of 52: Paninis are a specialty at this Chesapeake eatery and one of them - the grilled cheese and jam - tempts the cheese lover with a gooey amalgam of Swiss, cheddar and chive goat cheese with caramelized onion and seasonal jam. That's definitely our jam.
Slide 49 of 52: Soups and dips are benevolent extras from these wizards of cheese, whose truck and cafe are a sight for sore eyes and empty tummies in Seattle. Their magical names, too, are quite epic. Sadly, the Voldemortadella (provolone, mozzarella, cream cheese, mortadella, salami, black forest ham on herbed olive muffuletta) cannot be served to mudbloods.
Slide 50 of 52: You can't really do better than a grilled cheese lovingly pressed on bread that's made on premises, and that's precisely what you'll get at Huntington's River & Rail Bakery. The cheddar apple was one of their first offerings. It features spinach and juicy apple slices with cheddar on their artisan buttermilk bread.
Slide 51 of 52: Great grilled cheese in Wisconsin? Throw a dart! But since we have to showcase one, how about this Milwaukee diner where, if you happen to NOT be in the mood for grilled cheese, you've got a massive menu of comfort food from which to select your preferred dish?
Slide 52 of 52: Home cooking tastes better when you get it inside a log cabin, so next time you're in Jackson, pop into Cafe Genevieve for some A-game Southern-inspired dishes. The grilled cheese and tomato soup is a standard; Genevieve's version includes Vermont white cheddar and basil on wheat, but you can add on bacon, tomato and/or avocado, if you're so inclined.

Say “Cheese!”

Alabama – Cheezin

Alaska – Spenard Roadhouse

Arizona – 47 Scott

Arkansas – Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese

California – Bacon & Butter

Colorado – Vore

Connecticut – The Whey Station

Delaware – Bellefonte Cafe

District of Columbia – Ooey, Gooey, Crispy

Florida – La Femme du Fromage

Georgia – Jamwich

Hawaii – Porky’s Kauai

Idaho – Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese

Illinois – GRIL

Indiana – Rooster’s Kitchen

Iowa – The Cheese Shop of Des Moines

Kansas – The Wheel Barrel

Kentucky – Broomwagon Coffee + Bikes

Louisiana – Meauxbar

Maine – Luke’s Lobster

Maryland – Grilled Cheese & Co.

Massachusetts – Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

Michigan – Grillcheezerie Sandwich Shoppe

Minnesota – Pat’s Tap

Mississippi – The Oxford Canteen

Missouri – Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar

Montana – Feed Cafe

Nebraska – Don & Millie’s

Nevada – The Goodwich

New Hampshire – The Friendly Toast

New Jersey – The Cheese Cave

New Mexico – Standard Diner

New York – Murray’s Cheese Bar

North Carolina – American Meltdown

North Dakota – Rosey’s Bistro & Bar

Ohio – Timmy’s Meltdown

Oklahoma – The Mule

Oregon – BUNK Sandwiches

Pennsylvania – Grilled Cheese Plus

Rhode Island – Scratch Kitchen & Catering

South Carolina – The Grilled Cheese & Crab Cake Company

South Dakota – Old Market Eatery

Tennessee – Say Cheese

Texas – Emojis Grilled Cheese Bar

Utah – Slapfish

Vermont – Prohibition Pig

Virginia – The Cutting Edge Cafe

Washington – Cheese Wizards

West Virginia -River & Rail Bakery

Wisconsin – Comet Cafe

Wyoming – Cafe Genevieve

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