There’s an actual floating taco and cocktail bar in the Caribbean

Just in case the Caribbean island of Saint John wasn’t on your bucket list, it will be now.

Aside from the pristine waters, gorgeous weather and obvious tropical paradise vibes, the locals have given us another reason to love the Virgin Islands.

There’s now a floating taco bar in the middle of the damn ocean. Wanderlust meets food porn basically, according to

Wow, okay, yes.

Since opening earlier this month, taco and cocktail bar Lime Out VI has been a hotspot for tourists and locals.

Floating around 60 metres off Hansen Bay Beach, you may have to hop a boat or paddle board out if you want to satisfy your taco cravings.

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The stand-alone bar is the brainchild of Richard Baranowski who, along with wife Chelsea, are behind the Lime Inn bar and restaurant in Saint John’s Cruz Bay.

“The East end of Saint John is amazing, pristine, and untouched, and we’re trying to honour that by inviting people to enjoy all of its beauty and having really delicious tacos and cocktails while doing it,” Chelsea Baranowski told POPSUGAR.

“This concept has been my husband, Richard’s, dream for over two-and-a-half years,” she added.

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Everything about the actual bar is eco-friendly; from its solar power to its food packaging (biodegradable containers and recyclable cups). And your bevy won’t be coming with straws at this bar.

While serving floating passers-by with their genius swim-up bar, they’re also catering to kayakers and delivering to nearby boats. There’s even a drive-through-style service for boats passing by!

Chef Amaro Rivera designed the menu around local fresh produce — from curry chicken and fresh tuna tacos to short rib and vegan variations.

The craft cocktail list — which features drinks like the Coco Colada and the Harbor Cooler — also focus on the flavours of Saint John, made with local, freshly squeezed juice and specialty island liquors.

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Seriously, can we just go there now please?

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