The world's 20 most lusted-after honeymoon destinations revealed

Slide 1 of 21: The world's 20 most lusted-after honeymoon destinations have been revealed. To draw up the ranking researchers for luxury travel company Kuoni turned to Pinterest, which many couples use for wedding planning, and analyzed tens of thousands of boards dedicated to honeymoons. They calculated the most wished-for places for a post-wedding getaway by noting which destinations had been 'pinned' to boards the most often. Scroll through to see the top 20 destinations, in reverse order, with stunning pictures underscoring why couples see them as the ultimate places for romance...
Slide 2 of 21: 20. FIJI: Researchers found that this archipelago in the South Pacific had been pinned on a total of 408 honeymoon boards. Kuoni describes it as having 'white-sand beaches, breathtaking leafy landscapes and a wonderfully diverse culture'.
Slide 3 of 21: 19. SPAIN: According to Kuoni, those visiting Spain can 'browse cobbled old-town streets, explore Unesco-listed nature reserves or climb a volcano, all on the same island and on the same day'. Researchers found it was pinned on 415 boards.
Slide 4 of 21: 18. BAHAMAS: These Caribbean islands were pinned on 417 boards, researchers found. Here, honeymooners can 'kick back on powder-soft sands or go island-hopping', says Kuoni.

Slide 5 of 21: 17. ARUBA: This small Caribbean island lies just 18 miles from the coast of Venezuela and offers 'palm-fringed white-sand beaches in the south and dramatic landscapes in the north'. Kuoni researchers found it was pinned on 442 boards.
Slide 6 of 21: 16. ST LUCIA: Kuoni says this Caribbean island is 'often touted as one of the world’s most romantic destinations'. Its research found it had been pinned to 477 boards.
Slide 7 of 21: 15. ICELAND: Despite its chillier climate, this Nordic island nation had been pinned on 499 boards, researchers found. Even though it has colder temperatures, Kuoni points out it does have dramatic landscape.
Slide 8 of 21: 14. FRANCE: This European gem has 'history, culture and stunning scenery', says Kuoni, as well as 'sprawling vineyards, exquisite architectural monuments and World Heritage Sites'. The research showed it had been pinned on 500 boards.
Slide 9 of 21: 13. NEW ZEALAND: Kuoni says that there is 'perhaps nowhere in the world more enchanting, nor more naturally beautiful, than New Zealand'. It's no surprise then that researchers found the country pinned to 601 honeymoon boards on Pinterest.

Slide 10 of 21: 12. JAMAICA: The island of 'white-sand beaches, rum and reggae' had been pinned on 699 boards, according to the research. Kuoni says honeymooners can do 'as much or as little as you want on this care-free island'.
Slide 11 of 21: 11. JAPAN: Kuoni describes Japan as a 'rich country [that] offers an abundance of vibrant cities, cultural treasures and natural beauty'. The country had been pinned on 717 Pinterest boards, the research found.
Slide 12 of 21: 10. COSTA RICA: No amount of superlatives does Costa Rica justice, according to Kuoni, which adds it is 'rugged, covered with rainforest and endlessly diverse'. It had been pinned on 729 boards.
Slide 13 of 21: 9. INDIA: Here, honeymooners will find 'beaches fringed by the Indian Ocean, hectic but mesmerizing cities and marble-covered palaces', says Kuoni. The research showed it had been pinned on 734 boards.
Slide 14 of 21: 8. GREECE: This nation of thousands of islands had been pinned on 757 honeymoon Pinterest boards. According to Kuoni, couples who opt for a honeymoon here can 'experience a healthy dose of ancient history and dramatic island-hopping'.

Slide 15 of 21: 7. MEXICO: Kuoni says honeymoons here can either be 'a fly-and-flop or a journey of discovery'. That's because it boasts the 'picture-perfect coast of the Yucatan and forest-shrouded ruins'. The country had been pinned on 949 boards.
Slide 16 of 21: 5= THAILAND: This south-east Asian country had been pinned on 980 honeymoon boards - and it's no wonder. According to Kuoni, Thailand has 'otherworldly temples, jungle-clad national parks and beautiful islands scattered across a glistening emerald sea'.
Slide 17 of 21: 5= IRELAND: The Emerald Isle had been pinned on 980 boards thanks to its 'impressive beaches and landscapes'. Kuoni says: 'Steeped in history and culture, an Irish honeymoon offers a different style of romance for couples looking to start their newly married lives together'.
Slide 18 of 21: 4. THE MALDIVES: Kuoni says this archipelago is an 'absolute classic' destination for a honeymoon, and one that had been pinned to 981 boards. The travel company adds: 'Offering clear waters, over-the-sea villas and some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world, it’s not surprising that many couples are dreaming of here for their post-wedding trip'.
Slide 19 of 21: 3. HAWAII: Eight large islands make up the US’s 50th state, and Kuoni data shows it’s the third most popular honeymoon destination on Pinterest - appearing on 992 boards. Kuoni adds: 'If you and your partner are interested in the variety of island hopping, then Hawaii is a great choice'.
Slide 20 of 21: 2. ITALY: Romance is everywhere you turn in Italy, says Kuoni, so it’s no surprise that Italy had been pinned on 997 honeymoon boards. The famous coastal areas of the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento dominate the images on Pinterest, with Kuoni adding: 'And rightly so as they offer a high level of glamour that’s fitting for a honeymoon'
Slide 21 of 21: 1. BALI: This small Indonesian island was pinned on 998 boards and Kuoni says it 'packs a punch when it comes to the diversity of landscapes and activities it offers – from perfect beaches to dramatic waterfalls and fascinating jungle full of opportunities for adventure'. It adds: 'A truly romantic destination, it’s well known for its hotels and villas with impressive infinity pools, tasteful design and incredible views'.
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