The Ultimate Carry-All for Your Next Journey

Spring is finally here, and now is a great time to travel. Whether you’re going on a short vacation, jumping on a flight for a business trip or commuting to work by foot or train, it seems we are all on-the-go when the weather breaks.

I recently returned from a family vacation and knew before the trip that I was going to have quite a bit of work to do while I was away. Before I left, I looked online for a single carry-on bag that could function to fit my multiple needs. This is how I found the All-Star Backpack from Solo New York, a hybrid backpack that transforms into duffel, which did not disappoint.

The All-Star has a sizeable, fully padded compartment where I was able to store my laptop and keep it safe from any damage. Carrying an additional laptop and iPad for my wife and daughter wasn’t a problem either, as the bag has a sufficient amount of room for additional electronics.

Even better, I was able to easily take all three items out while waiting in the TSA line. When traveling, I’m usually fumbling around to get my laptop out of my carry-on, so this was definitely a welcomed change. What’s more, the All-Star allowed me to separate my electronics from the rest of the items that I was carrying on the plane, such as food, toiletries, clothes, coloring books, headphones and a pair of shoes for each of us.

While on the trip, the All-Star became my gym bag when I hit up the local LA Fitness. When the whole family went to the zoo, I used it again to hold everything we would need for the day.

Since returning from vacation, I’ve started using the backpack as my everyday work bag. It’s unique and stylish look, coupled with ultra-lightweight materials, make it extremely versatile and perfect for everyday use. Inspired by the fast-paced, energetic lifestyle of New York City, Solo New York has created the perfect accessory that will fulfill all your travel needs. It truly is the ultimate carry-all.

Solo New York offers many different styles of backpacks, duffel bags and briefcases, from multiple collections. If you’re in the market for a work bag, everyday bag or travel bag that can carry a wide range of items, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match from Solo New York. Check it out for yourself and erase one of the most frustrating things about traveling—the headache that comes with stressing over how to get your belongings from point A to point B.

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