The stunning entries to Agora Images beauty photo contest revealed

From a lion in full roar to a fairy tale forest: The top 50 stunning entries to a photo contest showing the world’s beauty

  • The stunning photographs all made it into the top 50 in the AGORA Images Beauty 2019 photo contest
  • The winning image of a Gould’s sun bird approaching a flower was snapped by Le Van Vinh from Vietnam 
  • Other eye catching entries include an incredible sunrise in Myanmar and a camel beauty contest in India 

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But nobody can deny that the entries to this international photography competition are anything short of stunning.

The images all made the top 50 in AGORA Images Beauty 2019 photo contest and range from a lion in full roar in South Africa to a haunting drone shot of a lighthouse in Ireland.

The winning image was captured by Le Van Vinh from Vietnam, who shot an incredible picture of a Gould’s sun bird approaching a flower, bagging him $1,000.

Other eye-catching entries include an incredible sunrise over a temple in Myanmar, a bizarre camel beauty contest in India and red chilli pickers in Bangladesh.

Scroll down to cast your eye over the fascinating top 50 entries to the contest and prepare to be wowed…

Breathtaking: The sky in Indonesia is lit up in shades of violet and orange. It was taken by talented photographer Micky Demsy

German photographer Nadine R captured this stunning image of a lion at full roar while she was visiting South Africa 

In this fascinating image taken in Bangladesh, photographer Azim Ronni shot red chilli pickers scouring the ground 

Martina Birnbaum titled this photo ‘Like a Fairytale’. It was taken in South Carolina, USA

This image of Baily lighthouse in Howth, Ireland at sunset made the top 50 of the contest. It was shot by photographer Juan Sanchez

Photographer Zay Yar Lin called this incredible shot ‘beautiful sunrise’. He captured the image in his home country of Myanmar 

One of the more bizarre shots in the competition was snapped by Carles Alonso from Spain and it shows a camel beauty contest in India 

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Le Van Vinh was crowned the winner of the contest with this image of a Gould’s sun bird approaching a flower in Vietnam 

A peacock spreads its feathers and almost poses for the camera in snap taken by photographer A. Rosenthal in Cologne, Germany

Filipino photographer Alvin Purex snapped this incredible image of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon at a flower festival in Saudi Arabia 

India photographer Arun Jakhmola took this thought-provoking image in his home country. He simply named the picture ‘beauty’

Patrik Heliosz, who hails from Poland, captured this shot of a group of horses while walking through a field in Germany on a misty morning 

Nicolás Ruiz from Spain took this haunting image of a ballerina, which made the top 50 of the contest. He called the image ‘Swan’ 

Manuela Goeken from Germany took this beautiful shot of a lighthouse using just her iPhone while on holiday in Denmark 

This artistic shot of two models was captured by Kristina Podchinenkova while on location in Italy 

An Indonesian woman creates intricate crafts using the batik technique using wax. The shot was captured by Wibowo Rahardjo

Debasish Pal’s image of a common kingfisher perched on a branch in India also made the top 50 

Debdatta Chakraborty from India captured these two girls with their faces painted at a colourful month-long festival in West Bengal

Lanterns can be seen floating into the air in front of the Borobudur temple in Indonesia. The scenic shot was captured by Dharma Kurniawan

Dwi Martono shot this image of one girl with her head turned as she sits with other Muslim students during a ceremony in Indonesia 

Photographer Michael Aboya shot this interesting image during a beauty contest being held in Ghana. He called the image ‘beauty circle’ 

Elias Mabuza’s shot of his wife’s hands around his newborn daughter’s feet also makes the cut. The picture is called ‘foot love’ 

Photographer Stefano Fossiant snapped this incredible image of birds soaring over the skies of Italy 

A bee looks for nectar on a flower in a stunning picture shot captured by amateur photographer Elke Schroeder in Germany

Colombian photographer Fredy Prada entered this mysterious image he shot into the competition

Photographer Johaidi Ismail captured this stunning shot of seafood vendors on Mabul island, Malaysia

A couple are photographed by Josu Ozkaritz Astigarraga while the sun sets in La Serena, Chile

Juan Diaz Maeso took this photo of a bosque, a forested area that is typically found in the southwestern United States 

Ishmael Amuzu Quaidoo shot this portrait image of an African woman in Accra, Ghana

These oriental looking umbrellas were photographed by Harvey Aling in Bagan, Myanmar

Tranquil: Tin Aung Gyi captured this shot in Myanmar early in the morning as the sun began to rise 

Even Laurent submitted this photo of a deer in France into the competition, which made the top 50

This mesmerising photo of strawberry greenhouses in the Aegean region, Turkey, was taken by Leyla Emektar

Luigi De Michele shot this incredible desert image in Namibia while two people trekked through the sand

Yunan Fahrul Muhtadi snapped this photo of an insect landing on a beautiful purple flower in Indonesia

The photographer, Marcel Van Balken, called this shot ‘Redwalk’. It was taken in the Netherlands 

‘Yellow’ is the name given to this photo by Òscar Penelo, which was taken in Barcelona, Spain

Paula Berezo picked up his camera and took this shot of a horse grazing on the snow for the AGORA Images competition 

Butterfly effect: Imam Primahardy snapped this butterfly as it hovered over some fuchsia-coloured flowers in Bandung, Indonesia

Pranab Basak titled this portrait photo of a child ‘innocency’. It was taken in India and was one of the 50 best photos

This photo of deepwater coral was taken by Rahmad in the Larae Banda Islands, Indonesia

Spanish photographer Albert Castane captured this beautiful image in his home country 

A couple are pictured gazing off into the sunset in a stunning image captured by Perry Wunderlich in the coastal town of Ahrenshoop next to the Baltic Sea 

This shot, called ‘Blooming Beauty’, was captured by Indian photographer Vinayak Sharannavar, who captured the image in a garden early in the morning 

This wintry scene in Austria as the sun begins to set was snapped by Christoph Seebacher just after heavy snowfall 

This image, simply called ‘Child’ was entered into the competition by Tareq Mahmud Imraz. It was shot in Bangladesh

A rainbow parakeet appears to almost have a smile on its face as it poses for photographer Arun Nallamayan in Singapore

Sergio Saavedra entered this beautiful landscape image into the competition. It shows a coastal scene in Spain 

Imran Rosadi was the photographer who shot this powerful image at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia

An image captured by Jeetu Jam in India, which also made it into the top 50 

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