The Spanish villages where Britons could get paid to live

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Several stunning Spanish villages are offering expats the chance to be paid to relocate. The villages are aiming to repopulate after many residents left for cities.

Ponga, Asturias

Ponga in Northern Spain is set to offer a grant of 3,000 euros (£2,573) to every couple that chooses to settle in the village permanently.

All residents will then be given another 3,000 euros for every baby they have while living in the village.

Rural Ponga is home to the Ponga Natural Park where visitors can wander among beech forests.

The town is also close to incredible gorges such as Los Beyos and the majority of residents live in beautiful traditional homes.

Rubia, Orense

Located in Galicia, in northern Spain, Rubia is offering people 100 (£85) or 150 euros (£128) per month to live in the village.

The scheme is particularly aimed at families with children to increase the number of students at local schools.

While the money is unlikely to cover the whole of an expat’s expenses, the cost of living in Rubia is much lower than in the UK.

Expats will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of village life and earn a little extra cash while they do so.

Griegos, Turuel

Griegos is aiming to attract families with children to move to the town to help keep the local school open.

The tiny village currently has just 132 inhabitants so the council has thought up an exciting scheme to entice new residents.

It’s offering new residents the chance to get a job and three months free rent if they decide to settle there.

After the initial three months, expats will still have very low rent as it will be just 225 euros (£192) per month.

A Xesta, Pontevedra

A Xesta in Galicia in northern Spain might not be offering to pay expats but it has thought up an incredible scheme for new residents.

New residents will be offered properties with rental prices as low as just 100 euros (£85) per month.

Galicia has some of Spain’s prettiest beaches and they are often a lot less crowded than those in the south.

Although expats in Spain’s northern regions won’t enjoy sunny weather year-round, Galicia has plenty to offer.

If rural life doesn’t appeal, British expats could make an application to Spain’s new digital nomad scheme.

The scheme is expected to launch in 2023 and will offer remote workers the chance to live in Spain for five years.

The scheme will also apply to spouses and dependent children but expats will need to meet a few requirements.

Expats will need to be able to prove they have been working remotely for at least a year to qualify for the scheme.

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