The Restaurant Where Anthony Bourdain Began His Culinary Career Will Reopen for a Weekend

To celebrate the forthcoming documentary about Anthony Bourdain's life, the New York City brasserie where he began his culinary career is coming back to life-for one weekend only.

Brasserie Les Halles, which is the backdrop for Bourdain's best-selling book Kitchen Confidential, will reopen from July 9 to July 11, thanks to Focus Features and Resy.

Original Les Halles owners Philippe Lajaunie and Jose de Meirelles put together the menu for the pop-up, which will take place at the 411 Park Avenue South location on 28th St., where Bourdain worked.

"It'd take volumes to explore how much Tony meant to Les Halles-how many young cooks he inspired, careers he launched, people who loved him for his no-nonsense social commentary," said Lajaunie in a statement. "With his kind straight-to-the-point demeanor, he was the quintessential New Yorker to the world. I'm honored to open back up the doors to Les Halles for a few days and serve some of its staple dishes."

Roadrunner: A Film about Anthony Bourdain hits theaters days later on July 16. The documentary's director Morgan Neville added, "Over the years, Les Halles became something of a NY institution-as did Tony. They are both now gone, but for these few brief days his restaurant will re-open and we can come together eat like it's 1999. Steak frites like Tony used to make them." 

A new trailer of the film teases behind-the-scenes footage of Bourdain's various travel shows, as well as interviews with friends and colleague. In 2018, when Bourdain died of suicide at age 61, fans left flowers, notes, and tributes outside of the shuttered Les Halles location. (In 2017, the final outpost of the restaurant closed.)

Starting today, people interested in experiencing the pop-up can set a "Notify" at to receive an alert when tickets go on sale, which will be June 22 for American Express Card Member and June 24 for the general public.

This story originally appeared on Food & Wine.

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