TfL launches new app to help Londoners use public transport safely

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a new app to help people navigate the city more easily and safely.

TfL Go will enable users to “plan the best routes and travel outside peak times to help with social distancing”.

The app will show live information for trains and trams, including the status of the London Underground lines and when the next train is due to arrive, as well as providing information that will enable users to “travel at quieter times outside peak hours”.

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Live bus information will be available in a future update, TfL said.

Users will be able to plan their journeys, similar to what’s currently available on Google Maps, and customise the experience based on their preferences. For example, you can choose bus-only routes.

The app will show walking and cycling routes as well, especially when these might be faster than public transport.

There’s also a focus on accessibility – as well as a “step-free mode” that shows stations with street-to-platform access, the app is also designed to be used with iOS VoiceOver and Dynamic Type.

Kirsty Hoyle, CEO of Transport for All, said: “The availability of accessible information is crucial for disabled Londoners, for whom navigating an often inaccessible city is often fraught with challenges.

“This app is designed to provide detailed information, such as the width of gaps between platform and train and, at a later date, the status of lifts. This will empower disabled people to make informed decisions about available travel options.

“We are hopeful that this app will deliver real-time information in a dynamic and user friendly format that reduces barriers and increases independent travel.”

TfL Go is only available on Apple iOS devices including iPhone and iPad at present. It will be rolled out to Android devices from the autumn.

Further updates planned for later in the year include details of where toilets are available and information on lift status.

The app’s launch comes as TfL services have returned to normal during week days and near normal at weekends.

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