‘Takes the enjoyment out of the trip’: How to avoid clutter in your caravan – ‘go minimal’

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Beth shares snippets from her van life on her platform, She is the Lost Girl. The travel journalist and photographer discussed her must-know packing techniques and tips for van life. She expressed the importance of avoiding clutter in your caravan.

Beth said: “When packing your van for an adventure my biggest tip would be to go minimal.

“Having clutter in your small space does take the enjoyment out of the trip.”

Beth has a particular packing tool to assist her in keeping her caravan tidy – packing cubes.

Beth said: “When it comes to packing clothes, I recommend using packing cubes, this will help keep your space organised.

“Personally, I have a cube for underwear, one for t-shirts, one for thermals, one for dresses and one for trousers and shorts.”

Beth is also a keen labeller and keeps specific boxes for her different items.

The camper went on: “Everything else should be neatly packed in cupboards in labelled storage boxes to make things easy to find.

“In our kitchen area, we have a box just for our breakfast things, one for dry food and we even have a cool box under the bed if we know we won’t be going to the supermarket for a long time.”

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The camping expert told readers about the importance of relaxing while camping, to get the most from the experience.

“Probably the best camping tip is to relax,” she said.

“There will be days when it’s pouring with rain, windy, and freezing cold.

“Your clothes might be wet from dashing outside to the toilet or finding a bin.

“There is nothing you can do to control these things, so the best thing you can do is relax.”

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“Another tip is to not plan too far ahead,” Beth went on.

“This might sound like bad advice but in the last seven years of travelling full time, I’ve learnt that things rarely go to plan so going with the flow usually works out better.

“We typically plan one day ahead, and it just means that we can travel slowly and meaningfully.

“My final tip is to leave the world a better place than you found it.

“I have experienced a fair bit of negativity surrounding people who live in vans, so I think it’s important to leave no trace, litter pick when you can, encourage others to be kind to the environment, and make sure that people can enjoy the world as we have for generations to come.”

Beth told Express.co.uk her best UK spots for caravanning and camping. 

The locations she picked are “full of beautiful walks” staycationers are sure to love.

For the best spots, Beth travels outside of England. She explained: “Probably for me, it’s Wales and Scotland.”

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