Swedish Nature Reserve Unveils New Glass-floor Villa With Prime Wildlife Views Below

Synvillan treehouse at Eriksberg Hotel is reflective metallic exterior

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For years, the Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve has offered a serene getaway for nature lovers in Blekinge, Sweden. Now, the property is bringing guests even closer to the wildlife with new accommodations in a glass-floor villa suspended nearly 10 feet in the air.

The newly unveiled SynVillan (Illusion Villa) is propped up on stilts and has a shiny metallic exterior that reflects its surroundings and creates the sensation of a mirage floating in midair. Guests can admire the nature reserve from the balcony or head inside to peek through the glass floor and watch the animals feeding below.

A deer seen feeding below the Synvillan treehouse at Eriksberg Hotel

Animals that regularly wander around the 925 hectares of the nature reserve include red deer, fallow deer, European bison, wild boar, and mouflon. The villa is designed to allow for up-close views of the animals without guests interfering with their daily lives.

“Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve is one of Northern Europe’s largest wildlife enclosures and biodiversity has been preserved and developed into one of the most interesting areas in Scandinavia,” a representative of Eriksberg told Lonely Planet. “We like to give our visitors opportunities for close contact with the nature and animals to increase the understanding to take care of our nature in the best way in the long term.”

A nice blue lake with a swimming dock at the Synvillan treehouse at Eriksberg Hotel

The SynVillan measures 50 square meters, with enough room to house up to four people. It’s powered by solar energy and gas, includes a small kitchenette, and is also just one of many different types of accommodations available at the park. Visitors at the Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve can also stay in one of the nature-inspired guest rooms or suites inside the various country homes on the property, or opt for some glamping inside a cozy tent. There’s also a quaint red farmhouse, as well as a more modern multilevel villa, complete with a sauna and outdoor jacuzzi.

Synvillan treehouse at Eriksberg Hotel's living room with telescope and glass bottom floor for viewing nature from cabin
Synvillan treehouse at Eriksberg Hotel bedroom in Scandinavian design

No matter the accommodations, guests can always book a walking safari in which a guide will help them spot the various animals throughout the reserve.

For more information, visit the Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve website.

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