'Stranger Things' Tour Opens in Atlanta

Following this month’s earlier release of Stranger Things 3—Netflix’ streaming series, which has become a worldwide sci-fi sensation—tour operator Civitatis has brought together the show’s various filming locations across Atlanta to create its brand-new Stranger Things Tour.

a car parked in front of a brick building: Tours take visitors to see structures that were transformed into Hawkins Middle School for ‘Stranger Things’

With so many spots around the city having been used as backdrops for the show’s action, the tour virtually transports guests to the town of Hawkins, Indiana; with subtle signs still evident of the series’ ’80s throwback aesthetic, which, in part, so endears the show to audiences.

While Hawkins is a fictional town, tour-goers can prepare themselves to discover the real-life locations where Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Luke, Will, Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy play out their battles against the terrifying Demogorgon and the gargantuan Mindflayer, direct from the Upside-Down.

The first stop is the mysterious and sinister Hawkins Laboratory, the exterior of which is actually a building located on Emory University’s Briarcliff campus. While the lab’s interior shots were filmed on sets constructed inside Atlanta’s EUE Screen Gems Studios, all of the exterior scenes took place here.

One look at the structure’s façade calls to mind images of Eleven’s harrowing, formative experiences while locked away inside the sterile medical facility and her mistreatment at the hands of “Papa”; or, perhaps, visions of the cast dashing through its corridors in season two while being pursued by Demodogs, and Bob Newby’s ensuing, unfortunate end.

Other stops along the way include the Starcourt Mall—Hawkins’ controversial new commercial center—which makes its debut in season three, quickly becoming one of the show’s most iconic locations (warning, spoilers ahead!). Central to much of the third season’s action, it’s where Steve meets Robin at Scoops Ahoy, the gang discovers a secret underground Russian base and eventually find themselves going head-to-head with the menacing Mindflayer.

Guides also will introduce visitors to downtown Hawkins’ Melvald’s General Store, where Joyce Byers works during the second and third series, and the mystery of the magnets begins to unfold; as well as Hawkins Middle School, Radio Shack, Hawk Cinema, the local library, and several locations where Eleven spends her time in hiding during the second season.

Finally, tour-goers will be escorted to see the Screen Gems Studios in Atlanta for an up-close exploration of the sets used for filming interior shots of Hawkins Laboratory, as well as the interior rooms of the Wheelers’ and Byers’ homes.

Led by Civitatis’ specialist guides, the four-hour Stranger Things Tour is priced at $150 USD per person and includes private bus transportation.

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