Staycation road trips: What to avoid for tourists on the roads – ‘last thing you want’

Phillip Schofield teases Lando Norris about changing his tyres

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Goodyear Tyres shared their top road trip vehicle safety tips with Caravan, motorhome and road trip holidays are expected to be popular with British tourists this year.

A Goodyear spokesperson said: “Check your tyres. It’s vital that you make sure your tyres are still in good condition.

“If your tyre pressures haven’t been checked in a while, addressing this should be a top priority before a long journey.

“Even when a car isn’t being driven, its tyres can still lose pressure, meaning they may be under inflated when you get back on the road.”

British tourists heading off on a lengthy road trip this year should make sure their tyres are in good condition.

Holidaymakers who are heading off to a rural location might find it hard to find replacements if they run into issues.

Goodyear added: “It’s also important to check your tyres’ tread regularly, to ensure their depth is no less than 1.6mm.

“If you haven’t yet had much opportunity to use your car for long journeys this year, your upcoming road trip presents a good opportunity to carry out a quick inspection.

“Look at the bars in-between the treads themselves, as well as the centre or outside edges, for obvious signs of wear and even for any embedded objects.”

Deflated or damaged tyres are one of the most common issues experienced by British tourists.

Checking everything is in good condition before setting off is one of the best ways to avoid an issue.

Some of the UK’s top staycation destinations are its stunning national parks. Both the Lake District and Peak District are top of many British tourists’ bucket lists.

The beautiful parks can get booked up early, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead if holidaymakers want to find a bargain.

Now that so many British people work from home, many may not drive their car as much as before the pandemic.

Goodyear advise that people check the car’s bonnet for debris. A spokesperson said: “If your vehicle isn’t regularly used and is sitting in your driveway, it can easily begin to gather twigs and leaves, which have the potential to catch fire in a hot engine.

“So, to stop your car overheating, make sure to inspect the grille and underneath the bonnet for any debris before setting off.”

They added: “Check your lights. You might be so caught up with checking your oil and fluid levels that it can be easy to overlook your lights.

“Before setting off, take a moment to check that all of your lights are still in working order. So not just your headlights, but also your braking, reverse and indicator signals too.

“The last thing you want is to wait until you’re driving on a dark road to discover you’re missing a light.”

Many of the UK’s most beautiful regions are rural so holidaymakers will need to make sure their lights are working before heading off.

Eager to see spring flowers? Cornwall, Devon and Yorkshire are just a few of the UK’s best destinations for blooms.

For more tyre tips visit Goodyear. 

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