Spain holidays: When can we travel to Spain again?

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Spain attracts more than 18 million UK tourists every year, but this figure was probably much lower this year with lockdown and coronavirus restrictions putting Brits off. The country closed its borders on March 16, 2020 and only reopened them on June 21, 2020. Spain has been taken off and put back on the travel corridor list, so it’s hard to remember what the rules are for holidays to Spain.

Holidays are off-limits for people living in England at the moment due to the lockdown.

In Scotland, you can still go on holiday but must quarantine for 14 days on return unless it is on the travel corridor list.

Welsh citizens can go on holiday within Wales but cannot go on holiday in the rest of the UK or abroad.

Holidays abroad are allowed in Northern Ireland as well as staycations, but Northern Irish citizens will have to self-isolate for 14 days when they get back, depending on which country you have visited.

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Technically, citizens of Scotland and Northern Ireland can visit Spain at the moment, but the rules on doing so depend on whether Spain is on their travel corridor list or not.

The travel corridor list determines whether you need to self-isolate when you return home from another country.

If the country you’re visiting is on the travel corridor list, you do not have to self-isolate if you are travelling to and from England.

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have their own lists.

Spain is not on any of the UK’s devolved governments’ travel corridor lists.

This means that at present, Scottish and Northern Irish citizens can visit Spain but will need to quarantine for 14 days when they get home.

However, Scots and Northern Irish people can visit the Canary Islands without needing to quarantine, since the Islands are on the travel corridor list.

England is in lockdown until December 2 and Wales is transitioning out of the firebreak.

At present, you can’t visit Spain if you live in Wales or England unless you are travelling for essential work, educational or other legally permitted reasons.

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Spain is in a tricky spot with coronavirus at the moment, like the UK.

On October 30, there were 25,595 new cases of coronavirus in Spain – the highest daily increase the country has ever seen.

Since then, cases have continued to drop down to 19,511 cases a day on November 12.

On October 25, the Spanish government declared a state of emergency, adding a nightly curfew for up to six months.

The country has also reinstated restrictions on movement, and public and private gatherings are limited to six people.

When can we travel to Spain again?

It isn’t certain when UK citizens can travel to Spain again.

A holiday in Spain depends on the coronavirus situation in the UK and Spain allowing it.

Cases would need to drop dramatically in both places to make a holiday more feasible.

When England is out of lockdown on December 2, there may be more updates on this.

Keep an eye on the daily cases and UK Government’s updates to gauge how likely and safe a holiday to Spain would be.

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