Spain holidays: Britons could be specially invited to Ibiza in new pilot holiday plan

Spain holidays have had to be mostly abandoned this year, to the chagrin of many, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the popular destination is opening up its borders to tourists once again. It was announced at the weekend that international travellers would be allowed into Spain from Sunday, June 21.


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In the latest update from Spain, it’s emerged that Ibiza may soon call on Britons to head to the Spanish island.

Thousands of Germans have descended on Majorca, and to a lesser extent Ibiza and Menorca, as part of a pilot holiday plan.

Now tourism authorities in Ibiza want the same but with British tourists.

Ibiza’s island council has asked the Balearic government to give serious consideration to the idea so that confidence can be raised within the UK market.

Ibiza’s president, Vicent Marí, today asked the president of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, to repeat the German pilot plan with the UK.

Afterwards, the Balearic leader said the suggestion was being studied and talks had started with British tour operators.

However, the plan could only go ahead if Britain lifts its 14-day quarantine rule.

Spanish foreign affairs minister Arancha González Laya has said that Britons may have to quarantine in Spain if the UK decides to continue enforcing its own quarantine rules.

She told the BBC: “We will be checking what the UK will be doing and we will be in dialogue with the UK to see whether or not we should be introducing reciprocity as they have different measures than the rest of the EU.”

She said that the situation was “fluid” and that she was hoping when Spain opens its borders, the UK will have also “moved forward”.

Currently, anyone arriving in the UK has to quarantine in one place for two weeks or face a fine of £1,000 if they’re caught flouting the rules.

Ibiza’s president has said the UK is the “most important” market for the island so the ‘test drive’ plan would give “hopes and expectations” that “there could still be a minimum season.”


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“It is not a matter of opening in a hasty way but rather of planning it when the circumstances arise,” said Marí.

He added: “There is a public and private will for this plan to be possible.”

Meanwhile, Armengol said it was necessary that both Ibiza and Menorca maintain their “link” with the British market, which is “fundamental” for the Balearic Islands.

The Majorca pilot scheme was arranged before the Spanish government decided to open EU borders with effect from June 21 but the Balearic president said it was still a valid exercise and was already encouraging new bookings.

Currently, the UK government advises against all but essential travel.

The COVID-19 Exceptional Travel Advisory Notice states: “The Foreign & Commonwealth Office currently advises British nationals against all but essential international travel.

“This advice is being kept under constant review.”

Additional reporting by Rita Sobot.

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