Spain holidays: Benidorm outraged as Britons remain stuck in lockdown – ‘We need you!’

Spain holidays are popular with Britons who flock to the mediterranean hotspot for an affordable holiday in the sun. But this year, Spain is looking empty as the UK’s stringent lockdown remains in place. The popular British holiday destination of Benidorm is just one region of many that has suffered financially from the absence of Britons.


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As well as infuriating the travel sector, Britain’s lockdown has enraged Benidorm business owners who rely on British holidaymakers to make money.

Benidorm is a staunch holiday favourite for Britons with more than a million flocking there every year.

March to June is often busy with Britons hoping for a cheap break away from the crowds.

But this year, the beaches have remained empty.

“Until the tourists come back, hotels open, flights are at capacity and quarantine is lifted in the UK, it won’t be worth our while reopening,” said Lisa Griffin, owner of the Shamrock pub in Benidorm.

She told The Observer: “It’s what happens in Britain that really affects Benidorm, because it’s mainly them who visit.”

Ms Griffin explained her staff are furloughed and that she is not sure what the future holds for her and her business.

She added: “I’m hoping the winter season will be better than normal.”

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But Ms Griffin is not the only one who is both frustrated by the UK’s continued lockdown.

Holidaymakers desperate to return to Benidorm have also taken to Benidorm Facebook groups to express their frustration and confusion.

One user asked: “Are us Brits gonna be allowed in by August?”

Another said: “England should have taken a page out of Spain’s book instead of faffing about like they have half in lockdown the other half doing what they like.”

Another commented; The way the UK government is handling it we won’t be back until September.”

Another posted a picture of an empty beach in Benidorm and explained in jest that the seagulls had the beaches to themselves.

They said: “Benidorm all ready after a lot of hard work to welcome back tourists!

“The beaches are looking fantastic!

“The seagulls love having the beaches all to themselves! Haha.”

Many other posts are from businesses trying to advertise that they are now open for customers.

Michelle Baker, editor for local paper Round Town Times told The Observer that Britons spend the most money when they holiday in Benidorm.

She added: “Spaniards will nurse a café con leche [coffee with milk] for three hours.

“The bottom line is Benidorm needs the Brits.”

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