‘So special’ Renovating a ‘perfect’ second home in the country that will pay you to do it

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The incredible super-bonus scheme offers people 110 percent of the cost if they renovate their home to improve energy efficiency. People can also access the scheme to lower seismic risk for their home.

Several areas in Italy are at risk of increased major seismic activity which can cause damaging earthquakes.

The super-bonus is open to non-residents and expats if they own a property or building in Italy.

Roger Hampton is British but has spent a lot of his life abroad and currently lives in Oslo in Norway.

He had been planning to buy a second home in Italy for a while before he learnt about the super-bonus scheme.

Roger told Express.co.uk: “We were looking for a while to buy a property in Italy. And one of the most important things was definitely location for us.

“We weren’t really looking for extra work and we definitely weren’t considering a full blown renovation.

“However, with the bonus system in Italy, I realised this was a chance for something special and we should give it a go.

“I think most people would say when you first hear about the super bonus it might seem too good to be true.”

An architect by trade, Roger already had a lot of experience with renovations but says the most important thing to do is to find a local expert.

He said: “The most important thing to do is to find a trusted partner as most of the information is in Italian.

“It’s a complicated process and my wife said to me she’d have given up long ago because it’s a lot of bureaucracy.

“You need to have the right people around you like an accountant and a qualified engineer.”

Roger told Express.co.uk: “It gave us the opportunity to do something we actually hadn’t enough money to do.

“We had some back and forth with the local council about what we were allowed to build.

“We had to make sure we didn’t do anything that would exclude us from the super bonus.

“For the seismic renovation alone, you can get a bonus for €96,000.

“We finished signing for the property in April and we had our building application approved by September.”

Roger’s property is located in Le Marche in the east of Italy and offers stunning landscapes and culture.

Roger said: “A view was very important to us but we also didn’t want to be too far away from amenities.

“And we were very lucky, we found a property that was for sale right on the edge of the village.

“Neighbouring our property is the village wall and we have all the amenities we could think of within a five minutes walk. It was perfect for us.”

Roger is documenting his journey on his blog: https://www.buildingadreamitaly.com/

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