Searching for a Hotel on Google Just Became Easier

Searching for a hotel on Google just became a little easier for travelers.

Google rolled out a new hotel search design, and it’s both attractive and user-friendly.

The new design features a grid and card interface that highlights hotels via cards.

Each hotel card showcases the hotel name, price, star ratings, number of reviews, and a short snippet from the description.

One of the most favorable aspects of this new design is that travelers can scroll through photos of the hotel without having to click on the hotel or leave the browsing page. They simply click on the left and right arrows that appear on the hotel image.

Travelers can also filter their search results by zooming in and out of the map or dragging it around to a new location.

Once travelers click on a hotel, a landing page appears, and it, too, features an updated design. At the top of the page, users will find tabs like “Overview,” “About,” “Prices,” “Reviews,” and “Photos,” thus allowing them to quickly find information.

On the right side of the Overview page, travelers should take notice of the Location Summary. In addition to offering a location rating and neighborhood name, Google also provides travelers with insight into the closest transportation systems, things to do in the area, and nearby airports, providing time estimates by car and public transportation to each place from the hotel.

The section that highlights hotel photos is well laid out and allows travelers to filter the pictures they wish to see by amenities, food & drink, rooms, and exterior and then filter those photos even further by photographs taken by visitors or by the property.

Overall, Google’s new desktop hotel search section has been designed to give travelers more information in an easy-to-navigate system in the hopes that travelers can find the right hotel for them no matter where they go in the world.

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