Save money on travels by sending this email to your hotel before you arrive

Holidays are never going to be cheap, no matter how much money you spend on flights and accommodation.

Tourists are often overcharged when it comes to their lack of knowledge in a new country and in some cases it’s used against them.

Even taxi drivers can seriously crank up the prices for visitors who have no idea on what’s cheap and expensive in the area.

Lexi Alford, who holds the record for being the youngest person to travel to every country, shared her secrets to saving hundreds of pounds on trips.

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The 21-year-old, who documents her travels on social media and YouTube, told Bloomberg : “Taxi drivers can be merciless as far as screwing you over.

“So you need to be very sure on exactly how much it’s going to cost and how long it’s going to take to go from A to B. Email your hotel before you arrive and ask what the average price is for a taxi from the airport to the hotel.

"Sending this simple email has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years, because I’ve avoided being taken advantage of by taxi drivers with inflated prices or fixed meters."

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The travel expert went on to say that if you get to the hotel and the price is “unbelievably high”, you should refuse to pay for it.

And if that doesn’t work, Lexi suggested telling them to call the police, at which point the driver “will give up”.

Many hotels offer direct transfers as part of the package so you can plan all the costs up front, otherwise you can ask the reception for advice on the best public transport.

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