Ryanair troll punters who ‘complain’ over £8 flights – but some aren’t impressed

Ryanair has caused quite the stir on social media after trolling people who complain about their service when their flights can cost as little as £8.56.

The budget airline isn't shy about its tongue-in-cheek approach to connecting with customers – and has even taken a swipe at Boris Johnson in the past.

However, this time, the company has taken to TikTok to poke fun at customers who aren’t satisfied with their service.

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In the clip that has racked up millions of views, a Ryanair staff member superimposed their eyes and mouth onto one of the planes.

“When you literally fly them to another country for €10 (£8.56) but they still complain”, they jibed in the clip.

And, it seems like a lot of people have the airline’s back.

Loyal customers shared that the small sum of money allows them to travel the world and wondered what else people want for the cheap seat.

One person defended: “What do you also want for €10? Business class or private jet?”

Another user added: “Ryanair’s social media manager is single-handedly saving the company. I’m convinced.”

While a third person voiced: “Whoever owns Ryanair’s TikTok account is a genius.”

Someone else shared: “Honestly, I don't know why people always complain about Ryanair. I never had any issues with them, just stick to the allowed bag sizes.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user expressed: “I went to another country and back for under 20€, no hidden fees, nothing.

“The flight was smooth, nothing to complain about.”

However, not everyone was so convinced about the ‘cheapness’ of travel with Ryanair… but the company certainly gave the complainants a run for their money.

One person accused: “I literally booked a flight from Berlin to London and it cost me about 400€.”

Ryanair’s TikTok account did not hold back with their reply, they quipped: “Maybe you needed to slay harder I don’t know.”

“DUDE YOU LITERALLY SENT MY SUITCASE TO FRANCE TWICE! I was flying to Spain,” another user claimed.

Instead of a professional response, the Ryanair account mocked: “The suitcase was in her French era.”

And, this user chuckled: “€10 but if you wanna bring a toothbrush it’s an additional €200.”

Previously, a woman shared how she got round not paying the extra fees for baggage by simply using a pillow.

Her nifty hack quickly went viral for helping people 'save' money.


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