Ryanair rakes in £7.7million a day from charging passengers extra

Ryanair made millions a day in extra charges from passengers this summer.

The budget airline raked in £1.4billion from add-ons, like reserving seats or stowing bags in the hold, in the six months to September – a 28% increase.

Passengers are now paying an average of £32.76 for extras per return trip, making the company £7.7million a day.

During that time the airline, which made profits of nearly £1billon for the second year in a row, flew 86million passengers.

Basic fares have fallen by 5% over the past year, the carrier claimed.

But travellers must pay between £12 to £28 if they want a standard size bag as hand ­luggage, or £20 to £35 to check in a bag up to 10kg.

Otherwise they can only bring one small bag on board.

The airline, led by Michael O’Leary, has also been accused of cashing-in on splitting up families on board.

Moneysavingexpert’s Guy Anker said: “Ryanair’s flights are not expensive but it has long been the king of extras.

“Its extremely harsh policy of making you pay to take a standard size hand luggage on board is clearly boosting its profits at the expense of passengers.

"It has also been one of the harsher airlines in not automatically ­sitting groups together.”

Ryanair claims changes are designed to cut delays. And the Irish company insists it does not deliberately separate groups.

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