Ryanair leaves couple borrowing clothes for wedding & child without insulin

A couple who flew out to Italy for a wedding this weekend claim they were left with no clothing, suncream or phone chargers thanks to Ryanair “failing to load over twenty suitcases onto aeroplane.”

Charlotte Dunn and her fiancé, Mark, departed from Manchester Airport at 9.10am on Saturday to attend a wedding, but ended up having to borrow clothes from fellow guests due to the baggage chaos.

Other holidaymakers claim they’ve had to wait more than eight hours for their luggage to be released on the carousels.

And, Charlotte and Mark say Ryanair hung up on them rather than trying to resolve the issue.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Charlotte said: “We arrived in Bologna from a Ryanair flight departed from Manchester at 9.10 on Saturday morning. At 6pm we arrived at our villa.

“Unfortunately Ryanair failed to load over twenty suitcases onto our aeroplane therefore we are now without our luggage.

“Arriving for a wedding on Sunday afternoon we had the clothes we were wearing from the flight, no sun cream, no toiletries, no clothes other than what we are wearing, no phone chargers, no shoes, no underwear and no idea where our luggage currently is.

“A call to Ryanair customer services was finished with a gentleman called Ivan hanging up on us, and Bologna airport staff unaware that 20+ passengers luggage was not even loaded onto the plane.”

“We went to the wedding yesterday, but had to buy make up and toiletries, if it wasn’t for other guests sharing clothes we would have had to buy clothes.”

And, the couple were furious at the situation – and even claim it has happened before.

Charlotte noted: “Not only had this happened to us in 2019 when Manchester airport failed to load our bags onto a flight to Austria it’s happened again three years later.

“Not only has this put me off Manchester airport this has put me off flying for life.

“Unfortunately a poor lady was stuck in Bologna with 100ml of insulin for her diabetic daughter as she wasn’t allowed more than that in her hand luggage.

“Disgusting, no word of our case yet, advised it could be Monday. We fly back Tuesday and obviously had no clothes for the wedding.”

Charlotte and Mark hope that they will find their luggage back at Manchester Airport where they departed from.

She added: “Supposedly the belt had a failure after we arrived at 6am for an 8.55am flight, therefore our luggage is hopefully somewhere in Manchester airport with god knows how many other peoples.

“Shocking behaviour from Ryanair – why fly knowing you don’t have a plane full of luggage for passengers, as long as you keep the percentile for leaving on time hey Ryanair!

“Manchester airport you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, failure after failure for this you cannot blame ‘the pandemic” sort it out.”

Daily Star contacted Ryanair for comment.

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