Rumors Suggest Universal Orlando Is Building a Massive New Park Called "The Fantastic Worlds"

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a sign on the side of a building: Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

Universal Orlando is launching a new theme park. At least, we think they are.

Based on a number of leaked documents that made their way to the internet, Universal may (or may not) be building a new park called “The Fantastic Worlds.” The park, Orlando Weekly reported, will be built along Kirkman and Universal Boulevard, just south and east of Lockheed Martin.

Though Comcast has yet to verify the authenticity of the leaked information, Orlando Weekly reported the photos did come from an official Comcast townhall meeting. Several insiders have also independently confirmed the authenticity of the documents, Orlando Weekly explained.

According to the leaked information, the new park will be a bit of a departure for the theme park. If it comes to fruition it will be one of the largest parks Universal has ever constructed. Orlando Weekly noted that it will also be made with a “hub-and-spoke design,” reminiscent of Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

Typically, Universal parks use what is known as a “race track” circular layout, to keep guests moving. However, this new park will likely come with a central attraction and spread out from there. It is not known what that central icon will be.

Though the leaked documents didn’t confirm what the theme of the new park will be, Orlando Weekly is speculating Super Mario may be involved. However, at the bottom of the documents sit a number of other trademarks, including both Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, but that could just be coincidental.

Even the budget for the new park is unknown, however, Orlando Weekly estimated it may cost the same as Universal Studios Beijing’s new park, which ran upwards of $6.5 billion. The company, the leaked documents revealed, is hoping this new park in Orlando will encourage people to stay an extra day and make it at least a three-day travel destination.

So, we don’t know what it is, when it’s happening, or what the rides will be. But, we know it’s something, so, that’s something.

Fingers crossed for a real-life Super Mario Kart track, banana peels included.

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