‘Rip off!’ UK’s worst value tourist attraction named at £30 a ticket – ‘underwhelming’

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Staycation holidays are expected to be popular this year, despite the lifting of travel restrictions. Many Britons might be planning a visit to one of the country’s top tourist attractions.

However, they might want to avoid one of the world’s worst value tourist attractions, according to new research.

Analysis by ParkSleepFly looked at the cost of a day ticket to 30 of the world’s top tourist attractions.

The team then looked at the number of ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’ reviews received by the attraction to find the worst-value.

What was the UK’s worst value tourist attraction?

Buckingham Palace was rated the worst value tourist attraction in the UK and the second worst in the world.

An adult ticket to the Royal Family’s home costs £30 but over three percent of reviews for the attraction were ‘poor’ or terrible’.

One ‘terrible’ review said: “Totally underwhelming! This should be a zero rating. Most of the garden is cordoned off and I would say the garden is shabby at best.

“It is completely underwhelming and a total waste of money.”

Another said: “Complete and utter rip off! Only a fraction of the garden is open to visitors, basically the lawn and a small looping path which takes five minutes to walk at a leisurely pace.”

While Buckingham Palace was slammed by some reviewers, not everyone was disappointed in their visit.

One reviewer said: “Lovely place to see and could be seen as the heart of England.”

Buckingham Palace wasn’t the only UK attraction to find itself in the 10 worst value attractions in the world.

Stonehenge was also ranked as the second worst value attraction in the world. Tickets to the ancient monument cost £19.50.

According to the research, around eight percent of reviews for Stonehenge are either ‘terrible’ or ‘poor’.

One reviewer said: “What a disappointment! Ticket price is ridiculous. You can see those stones from quite a distance.”

Another said: “Waste of time and money. You can see more on YouTube or Google Maps. There’s literally nothing to see or do.”

However, some disagreed with one happy customer saying: “Amazing place to visit! Huge rocks and lots of fascinating information to go along with them.”

The London Eye also was ranked as one of the world’s 10 worst value tourist attractions.

At £27 a ticket, the attraction was ranked as ‘terrible’ or ‘poor’ by over four percent of reviewers.

Edinburgh Castle was also rated as one of Britain’s worst value attractions and costs £17.50 for a ticket.

Meanwhile, the best value tourist attraction in the world was named as the Great Wall of China in Beijing which costs just £4.67 to visit.

India’s Taj Mahal was the second best value attraction at £10.81 a ticket to see the incredible monument.

Worst value tourist attractions in the world (ParkSleepFly)

  1. Empire State Building (USA)
  2. Buckingham Palace
  3. Stonehenge
  4. Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum (USA)
  5. London Eye
  6. Museum of Modern Art (USA)
  7. Palace of Versailles (France)
  8. Petra (Jordan)
  9. Vatican Museums (Vatican City)
  10. Edinburgh Castle

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