Reuben DotDotDot: What travel has taught me

Holidays can teach us many things — about a destination, about other people, and about ourselves.


The only way I can begin to contemplate what travel has taught me is by trying to imagine my life without the adventures I have been on.

Whether I am surfing in Indonesia, doing shows in Korea, driving through the desert of Australia, training circus in Beijing, standing atop my 5.25m pole on cobbled streets in Europe, or skateboarding mountain ranges near the border of Dubai and Oman, every experience I can’t imagine living without.

My world view from meeting so many different people, with different cultures and beliefs, has taught me to empathise with all humans, wherever we are from and to appreciate all that the world has to offer. I am so lucky that my job as an entertainer has allowed me to experience all these things. If I had not experienced what I have, maybe I’d see the world different, as a zero sum game, where getting ahead of the pack is the objective, rather than to enjoy it as the only goal . . .

This is not to say that I think travelling is a necessity, far from it, some of the most inspiring people I have met have never left their hometown. But for me, I only get
one life, one mind and one body, and I want to experience all I can in the time that I have.

• Reuben DotDotDot will be performing as part of the Auckland International Buskers Festival, January 25-28.

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