Quiz: Can you name these islands based only on their SHAPE?

How well do you know the world map? Take this quiz and see if you can name these famous islands around the globe… based only on their SHAPE

  • The globe is peppered with around 900,000 islands of all shapes and sizes
  • Here we present 23 distinctive island silhouettes – do you recognise them? 
  • One is the birthplace of a U.S president, another where Christmas was banned 

The globe is peppered with islands of all shapes and sizes – there are around 900,000 in total.

Here we’ve picked out 23 of the more well-known examples – including one that’s home to the world’s biggest nightclub and another where Christmas was banned for 30 years – but can you identify them based only on their silhouette?

Scroll down and put your geography skills to the test…  


No.1 – Which island country is this? It was the setting for a hit 2005 animated kids’ film 


No.1 – Madagascar (the setting for hit animation… Madagascar 


No.2 – Cuba

No.3 – The Isle of Skye, Scotland 

No.4 – Jersey

No.5 – Taiwan 

No.6 – Greenland

No.7 – Mykonos, Greece 

No.8 – Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the U.S (thought to be named after British explorer Bartholomew Gosnold’s daughter)

No.9 – Jamaica 

No.10 – Ibiza, Spain (home to the world’s biggest nightclub – Privilege Ibiza)

No.11 – Oahu, Hawaii, the U.S (Barack Obama was born there)

No.12 – Jeju Island, South Korea

No.13 – Tasmania, Australia (home to the Tasmanian devil)

No.14 – Bali, Indonesia 

No.15 – Newfoundland island, Canada  

No.16 – Ireland

No.17 – Corsica

No.18 – The Falkland Islands

No.19 – Madeira Island, Portugal (birthplace of footballing great Cristiano Ronaldo)

No.20 – Papua New Guinea

No.21 – Isle of Man (a self-governing British Crown Dependency)

No.22 – Tenerife, Spain 

No.23 – Isle of Wight, UK

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